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NEW Automatic eBay Dropshipping Supplier Inventory Checking App


    eBay dropship app perfect solution to sell more products

    Transcribe of “NEW Automatic eBay Dropshipping Supplier Inventory Checking App”

    In this week’s video I’ll quickly show you how to set up the automatic eBay dropship supplier inventory checking app using Scarcity Managers’ new Google approved Chrome extension. Anybody new to this channel? My name’s Neil Waterhouse and I’ve been selling eBay for 24 years. I’m the author of million dollar eBay business from home and creator of Dropship Formula. So let’s launch straight into it. You should use Scarcity Manager Dropshipping or ebay dropship app. First of all, for anybody, who’s currently using a Scarcity Manager to check your dropship supplies inventory levels, nothing has changed. And using this new Google extension is purely optional.

    This new app is for eBay sellers that are looking for a non-eBay API solution. Let me show you. Step one is to go to Google’s Chrome webstore. To find Google’s Chrome webstore, simply Google Chrome webstore and then you should see the store like this. Now in the search box, do a search for Scarcity Manager. Now you should be able to see the Scarcity Manager Google app or Google extension. Now click on the image and then click on Add to Chrome button. You’ll then get another popup and click on the Add extension button. Next you’ll be asked to sign into eBay and this is where the app connects to eBay.

    Now you’ll have added the Google Chrome extension to your Chrome browser. To see the extension, go to the top right of your Google Chrome browser and you’ll see what looks like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Click on that and you see the Scarcity Manager Extension. While you’re there, click on the pin, so the extension is pinned to the top of your browser. After the extension is pinned, you’ll be able to see it at the top right hand corner of your Google Chrome browser.

    Now click on the extension and here you’ll need to enter three different pieces of information. First of all, your email address, your eBay user ID, and a token so that eBay and the app can communicate together. To get the token go to and click on eBay, non API. I’m assuming here that you have an account with Scarcity Manager. If you don’t, then you first need to set up an account. If you’re a new Scarcity Manager user you can set up a free trial account. Scarcity Manager user.

    You can set up a free trial account so you can test it all out for free. After clicking on the eBay non API button scroll down to configure and here you’ll see the token. To copy the token, simply click the notepad button on the right then go back to the app and paste in the token. That is all you need to do to set up the app. Now, when you’re ready to move the sliders to the right and the app will automatically check scarcity manager to see there any updates required. And if there are the app automatically adjusts your eBay imagery using your computer.

    This is a difference between using a non eBay API app like this or allowing Scarcity Manager to use the eBay API to make the inventory changes for you. I’m not going to go into how to set up a new Scarcity Manager account in this video, as I’ve done that before in a previous week’s video. But if you missed that video, I’ll put a link on the screen and below. That’s all for this week. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below. And if you found any value in this video please give a thumbs up as that helps the channel and make sure you hit the subscribe button to the No Fluff ad-free channel. It teachers step by step how anyone can make a full time living from the home using less than $100. Until next week, stay safe, list more, sell more.

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    Google Search

    ebay dropship app

    ebay dropship app

    ebay dropship app

    ebay dropship app

    Scarcity Manager

    Scarcity Manager

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