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Get about eBay Competition. A huge majority of new eBay sellers who start an eBay business selling new items, enter the market trying to sell exactly the same “types” of products.

Not only do they run into massive competition from other “new” eBay sellers, they also discover a ton of Chinese sellers also selling exactly the same products!

Why does this happen and… how to make sure you do not make the same mistake?

In this video I explain how to quickly work out what the beginners are selling and more importantly… how to not make the same mistakes the beginners make.

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8 thoughts on “eBay Competition”

  1. Thank you…always good and uplifting information from you… its nice to know there really is no majic bullet to discover…i just have to do a little research, put the answer to work and accept both hurdles and success…again

    .and sincerely..Thank You….

  2. Hi Neil, thanks for your insight into eBay competition, my wife and I have certainly made some big mistakes when we first got involved with eBay, we imported a large quantity of Bags etc from China and found out later that there is heaps of competition on eBay including from the very factory where we purchased the product, a very expensive exercise for us!
    Your comments are absolutely spot on !

  3. always love listening to and watching your stuff. i like the way you present your info and speak in ‘everyman’ terms.. its not rocket science but sometimes people just need to hear things in terms they understand. to ‘get it’. very generous of you to share your knowledge and every time i see you i learn something i didnt know before. .. so a big THANKS Neil 🙂

  4. Thanks Neil,
    My wife and I currently list nearly 100 items on ebay and have a degree of success having started a year ago. There are hurdles and your message is an inspiration to clear them and go forward.
    Thanks again. (And theres currently 7 Star Wars films with another 2 lined up…)
    Kind regards,

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