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Home » eBay tips – Increasing eBay sales with free email

eBay tips – Increasing eBay sales with free email


This video shows how to use email to increase eBay sales.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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9 thoughts on “eBay tips – Increasing eBay sales with free email”

  1. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the great vlog, I really appreciate the wonderful contribution you always give.

    One question regarding today’s topic, you mentioned that we can collect the emails from PayPal, make a list, enter them into mail chimp or similar tool, and send promotional emails.

    The question is, are there any privacy considerations that we might be disregarding here? I thought that customers should explicitly “agree” to receive any promotional communication before being able to legally sending them any. Kindly elaborate on the issue, many thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks Mark.

      Yes it is a grey area however I am just letting you know what many of the large eBay sellers do.

      The general consensus is the customers have already purchased from you and given the details to you as well.

      All email programs have an unsubscribe button these days so they can always unsubscribe.

  2. Hi Neil.
    Great advice as always.
    I’m just at this point now and have constructed the email ready to be sent. I’m scheduling it in for next week. Fingers crossed.
    Hope to come to one of your seminars before the years out!

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