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Home » Dropshipping On eBay – How To MAKE Buyers ONLY Want To Purchase From YOU!

Dropshipping On eBay – How To MAKE Buyers ONLY Want To Purchase From YOU!


    Dropshipping On eBay – How To MAKE Buyers ONLY Want To Purchase From YOU!

    Transcribe of “Dropshipping On eBay – How To MAKE Buyers ONLY Want To Purchase From YOU!”


    Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse. This week’s video is for Dropshipping On eBay – How To MAKE Buyers ONLY Want To Purchase from you and not from your competitors. I’ll show you seven different ways to tilt the world in your favor, so buyers only want to purchase from you and not from your competitors. If you’re new to this channel, my name is Neil Waterhouse and I’ve been selling eBay for 23 years. I’m the author of a Million Dollar Ebay Business From Home and creator of Drop ship Formula. So let’s launch straight into it. One of my favorite all time business books is Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.

    For those who haven’t studied marketing, Claude Hopkins is arguably the greatest copywriter and most studied copywriter of all time. One of Hopkins many achievements was a massive success in turning around a beer company in the USA called Schlitz. He did something incredibly simple, but it took the Schiltz Beer Company to the very top of the chart. That became the biggest beer brewery in the U-S-A. In the early 20th century, all brewing companies used the so same word to sell that beer. Pure. But the word pure meant nothing because everybody used it, but nobody explained it.

    Hopkins realized this and created a campaign to point at how and why Schiltz beer was pure. But the crazy part was, almost all the other beer companies in the U-S-A were already doing the same common things, but they simply did not point it out. Hopkins used lines like “Beer bottles was sterilized four times before being filled, brewing rooms had filtered air which prevented contaminants from entering the beer as it cooled, filtering pumps and pipes were cleaned twice a day.” For all the other brewers, all these amazing facts, which is commonplace, after all virtually every major brewery in the U-S-A had to adhere to the same or similar standards. Here’s one of his ads where he simply points out, “The air in the cool room is filtered. Every beer bottle is sterilized. The beer is aged for months.” These were all commonplace facts. However, Schiltz was the only beer company pointing out these commonplace facts. In 1902 Schiltz became the largest beer producer in the U-S-A.

    Hopkins simply told truth that other brewers considered boring. You can do the same strategy with drop shipping on eBay. Imagine if you’re a buyer on eBay, and you’re in the market for say a barbecue smoker. Imagine that you’ve done your research, and you’ve decided that this is the barbecue smoker that you want to purchase. You find one or more sellers, selling the identical barbecue smoker. What pushes your buttons to make you want to purchase from one seller and not from another seller? These buttons are called mental triggers and we’ve been split testing gazillion of these mental triggers over the last 20 odd years. Let me show you some of them. For the first one, let’s say one of the listings for the barbecue smoker has his graphic saying new version and or new update in the gallery image.

    For most people from our split testing, when everything else is equal, the majority of human beings will always gravitate to the latest version of any product when everything else is equal. Just ask Apple with their iPhones, everyone always wants to gravitate to the latest and greatest. In case there are any newbies watching this video, the gallery image on eBay is image number one of the 12 images that eBay allows you to upload when you’re listing anything on eBay. Image one or the gallery image, same thing, is the image that appears in the search result, when somebody searches for anything on eBay. In this screenshot, I did a search for kitchen organizer and here are eight example gallery images. The next way you can make buyers want to purchase from you and not from your competitor, is let’s say you’re selling an electrical item or a baby product.

    Again, if everything is equal but in the gallery image one seller is showing a certification icon for that country, again, most buyers when everything is equal, will gravitate to that seller. Of course change the country to whatever country you’re shipping from. Now bear in mind, if you’re drop shipping on eBay, no matter what country you live in or are selling in, as I’ve been saying year after year, we only ever use local drop ship suppliers for drop shipping. So if you drop shipping in Australia, we only ever use Australian drop ship suppliers. If you drop shipping in the U-S-A, we only ever use U-S-A drop ship suppliers. If we drop shipping in the U-K, you guess it, we only ever use U-K drop ship suppliers. Now because of this, most local drop ship supplies only sell items that are approved in that country. So for that reason, you can normally always show an approval icon for that item.

    However, most sellers don’t. I’m not going to go into finding local drop ship supplies in this video, as I’ve done that before in a previous week’s video, but if you miss that video, I’ll put a link on the screen and below. Until I also put a link on the screen below, to a free list of over 900 drop ships suppliers all over the world you can download now for free. The next way for drop shipping buyers to only want to purchase from you is to add a flag to your gallery image for the country that you’re selling in. Buyers, especially these days do not want to wait weeks for items to come from overseas. They want to buy from local suppliers. So when they search for something on eBay, if one seller shows a local flag, this will increase the clickthrough rate for gallery image.

    We need to know about dropshipping on eBay. Again, I’m not going to go into clickthrough rates, these videos are gone and done that before, but again, if you miss that a video, I’ll put a link at the end of that screen to another video showing how to double your clickthrough rates. Next icon is a hundred percent genuine. Again, when all things are equal, one by showing a hundred percent genuine and the other one isn’t, it’s a no brainer to which listings gets the highest conversion rates. I’ll rattle through the next few of the pretty self-explanatory. Australia delivered, but obviously, change Australia to whatever country that you’re shipping from. The way of gray imports, the way of non Australian approved products, again, of course changed Australia if you’re in a different country. Beware of cheap copy is beware of fakes. Now there is a no one fits all answer, to which one of these icons that use for each product. Every product is different. If you don’t know how to quickly add these icons to your gallery images. Again, I have another free video from a previous week’s video showing how to do just that.

    And also don’t forget, you can outsource all this work and get this work done from $1 per hour, from low cost overseas virtual assistance. The next way to tilt the world in your favor, so people buy from you and not from your competitors is use professional looking eBay listing template for your listings. And these days it’s very inexpensive to do that. When I started out, I spent literally thousands of dollars getting eBay listing templates created. These days you can get an eBay listing template created from $25. And you only need one eBay listing template, to list one or 10,000 items. Now I’m not talking about an eBay store template, I’m talking about an eBay listing template. The big advantage of an eBay listing template is that make sure eBay listings look professional.

    Here’s an example of a seller who is not using a professional eBay listing template. Here’s an example of a seller who is using a professional eBay listing template. Again, when all things are equal, most people will gravitate to the listings that look for professional as it gives them the feeling of trust and confidence, and it is a feeling. Next is your eBay username. Again, let’s say you’re buying a barbecue smoker. If everything is equal, would you rather purchase your new barbecue smoker from a reject shop or a bargain store, or would you rather purchase from a place that gives you the feeling trust and confidence. Names like David James in Australia, Heroes in the U-K, Nordstrom in the U-S-A. Your eBay username makes a big difference and it’s free to change your username. If you’re stuck choosing a name that gives the feeling of trust and confidence, I’ll put a link on the screen again to another free previous week’s video showing a quick way to get a username that gives buyers the feeling of trust and confidence.

    Once you’ve chosen your name, another way to give your buyers a feeling of trust and confidence is to get a professional logo created. And you can get that done from five dollars at places like If you want to double your clickthrough rates on eBay, make sure you check out this video of over here. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. And if you found any value in this video, please get a thumbs up and make sure you get the subscribe button to the no fluff, ad free channel that teaches step by step, how anyone can make a full-time living from their home using less than a hundred dollars. Until next week, stay safe. This was selma. This Neil Waterhouse…

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