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How Does Drop Shipping Work And Why?


This video explains how drop shipping works and why. Why would somebody purchase an item for $150 from a drop ship seller when they could just go to the drop ship supplier and pay $50 less? This video helps explain why.

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4 thoughts on “How Does Drop Shipping Work And Why?”

  1. I dont understand people asking for overseas orders either it is fascinating they will spend so much to get an item that is down the road, my question is related to placing stock in & out of stock. I am told that when we place an item out of stock if we are dropshipping, that ebay will punish you if its out for a week or more & place your ranking for this item way down the rank,, apologies probably not quite related to what you discussed here but what are your thoughts on this anyway. cheers mate. great advice as always Cam

  2. Hi Neil, great information about our different personality, l am a meloncoly but the thing is l no where my strenghts an weaknesses are.

  3. Awesome article Neil! I needed to be reminded of many things I’ve read in the past about drop shipping and also find lots of new information on here that you put together. This is so important to me right now since I’m looking into doing drop shipping for a few items

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