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eBay 101 – Getting Started on eBay & How To Find Your First Product To Sell


How To Make Money On eBay

Getting Started and How to Find Your 1st High Profit Product to Sell

In this live recording, eBay Multi-Million Dollar Seller and the author of “Million Dollar eBay business From Home – A Step By Step Guide” Neil Waterhouse,  shows you how to get started making money fast on eBay and most importantly, how to find your first high profit products to sell on eBay. Neil will show you exactly how to make yourself financially independent from home. Over 460,000 people make a full time living from eBay and you can too.

In this no fluff, straight to the point, 40 minute Live Recording you will learn:

  • How Neil started a multi-million dollar eBay business from home with zero money, without borrowing a cent, with no drop shipping and most importantly, how you can too.
  • How to find products which cost less than $40 but make over $5,000 profit per month?
  • How to get products for free to sell on eBay
  • Why Neil chose eBay over other types of home and internet businesses?
  • How to find your first money making product to sell on eBay
  • New Products Versus Used Products
  • E-commerce is now a 1 Trillion Dollar Marketplace and how you can easily have your piece of the pie
  • Which products to sell?
  • Which category?
  • Which Niche?


  • How to find what’s hot on eBay
  • How to find which items on eBay have the most watchers
  • Fully automated strategy to find which items are not just the top sellers, but which ones make the most “profit” on eBay
  • How to double your eBay sales with your own website
  • How to get started
  • Special bonus Q&A session

Neil Waterhouse Biography

  • Author of best seller”Million Dollar eBay Business From Home – A Step By Step Guide”
  • Multi-Million Dollar eBay Seller
  • eBay Invited Guest Speaker
  • Professional eBay Sellers Alliance Invited Guest Speaker
  • Alibaba Invited Guest Speaker
  • Founder and host Sydney eBay & e-commerce Meetup
  • Founder and host Melbourne eBay & e-commerce Meetup Group
  • Founder and host Brisbane eBay & e-commerce Meetup Group
  • Australia Post Eparcel Beta tester
  • First Australia Post Eparcel Multi Million Dollar ebay Seller
  • First Channel Advisor Australia Multi Million Dollar ebay Seller
  • Editorial Contributor to the Australian Business and Money Making Magazine
  • Member Australian Chamber of Commerce

If you want a quick start to making money fast on eBay or increase the money you are making on eBay now.  This DVD will show you.

100% Zero Risk, Money Back Guarantee. DVD includes Neil’s 100% No BS,  Zero Risk, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.  If this DVD does not show you how to make at least 10 times your money back in the next 30 days, or for any other reason, just send it back for a 100% refund.

Just $49 including free shipping worldwide.

Neil Waterhouse

Before you go, get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful eBay Amazon Dropship sellers.

These are powerful tactics that I’ve used to launch and grow my own online businesses… and they can work for you, too