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The Cheapest Shipping from China


Get info about the cheapest shipping from China. How to get Cheapest Shipping from China? One way to radically improve profits on eBay is to slash import costs from China, however for small sellers, until now this has been very challenging.

Most small eBay sellers are forced to use expensive couriers like DHL and Fedex which are very fast but very expensive and eat into a huge chunk of the profits.

The cheapest method to import goods from China is via sea in a full container (FCL). However the obvious problem for a small eBay seller is they do not have enough stock to fill the whole container to make it financially viable. For this problem, I have been working on a solution of having other eBay sellers share containers.

The way this works is each member sends their goods to the freight forwarders warehouse in China where all the goods are then packed into the same container.

The first test of this strategy was with some of the members of the Sydney eBay & Ecommerce Sellers Meetup Group which I run monthly and on the first test they managed to fill a 40 foot container! And I must say a big “Thank you!” to Robb Leroux who offered to be the coordinator for the Sydney import group.

Each group has a coordinator i.e. Sydney coordinator, London Coordinator, New York Coordinator etc.

On the 1st shipment, the cost came in around $150 per cubic metre (or part thereof) which compared to couriers, is dirt cheap.

Although these groups are zero profit with all the costs being split between all importers, I feel the coordinator of each group should be paid $50 per supplier for their efforts. Time is money after all and they are investing a lot of their precious time in order to extend this unique opportunity.

If you would like to be a coordinator for your location where there is not already a coordinator, please let me know.

Please note this container share is a zero profit work in progress and any feedback / help is much appreciated.

For more information, please see

To your success

Neil Waterhouse

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4 thoughts on “The Cheapest Shipping from China”

  1. Hi Neil,

    Great Initiative and I’m sure it will suit a lot of your readers, So true about FCL shipping being the lowest cost option. However our Shipporter Sea Courier service does nearly the same thing and allows Aussies to import goods by Sea without the need for a FULL Container load. We have some other features that may suit people;
    – Shipments depart every week, so no waiting for other peoples goods.
    – From anywhere in China, so no need to truck goods across China to other ports.
    – Customs clearance is included.
    – Delivery to Door is included.
    – Insurance is included.
    – Simplified Web Documents system.
    – Simplified PayPal system.
    – Web track and trace.
    – Instant price to Door via our Web Shipping Calculator.
    If anyone is interested just have them contact us at or visit the website

    All the best and kind regards Brett Magnay – Shipporter

    1. Hello Mike,

      Shipporter offers a consolidated sea freight service from the UK & EU countries via our export warehouse in Rainham, Essex. We uplift on a regular basis and offer a delivered to door service to any Australian postcode.

      We offer the same service from the USA as well. Form ore information please visit our website: or email me on:

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