How To Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever!


The secret to most peoples best year ever is to “do more… of less”. Let me explain…

Transcribe of “How To Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever!”

– Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse, the secret to making this year your best year ever is to do more of less. Let me explain. In previous blog posts I’ve talked about how life does not reward us for being a Jack of All Trades.

Jack of All Trades

Life rewards us for what we master. If you think back to all those things in life that we did a little bit then we gave up to start chasing the next butterfly or the next shiny object, imagine how good we would now be at that activity if we’d stuck it out. Think back in life to all those things you’d been good at or your good at now. Bet these are the things that you stuck at longer than the average person. I know in my life there are definitely some things that I regret not doing more of but in looking back the things that did stick out, got reasonably good at.

 I got reasonably good at

Not because I’m better than the average person, I just stuck it out for longer than the average person. And believe me, the average person doesn’t stick at things for very long. It doesn’t take very long at all for the average person, you know, before they’re off chasing the next butterfly. Now, without trying to wave my own flag. The only reason I’ve got the success that I’ve got with selling online is simply that I’ve been doing it for over 20 years without getting distracted by every shiny new object that arrives on my desk.

Kept my laser vision focused on just selling products online, eBay, Amazon, and our own websites.

Throughout the last 20 years, a gazillion shiny objects and butterflies have tried to distract me but I’ve kept my laser vision focused on just selling products online, eBay, Amazon, and our own websites. And this laser focus it’s given me more time to just do that cause I’m not out there doing these gazillon other things I’m just focusing on those three marketplaces. I do the same with my hobbies.

My hobby in life is radio control planes

Most of you know my hobby in life is rain draw planes. But I’ll tell you the same methodology of life does not reward us for being a Jack of All Trades it rewards us for what we master, to my red air control planes. So what I’ve done is I’ve niched down and figured out what I like the most about red air control planes is building and flying jets. When I finally figured it out I immediately started selling off most of my other planes so I wouldn’t be distracted by them.

Improve your Skills

When I did figure it out I had over 30 different types of planes in my shed. I realized that if I flew each plane five or 10 times a year and you do the maths, flying each one, I fly twice a week and sometimes three times a week and you just can’t fly them all in a year. If I did that I just would simply never master it. Now because I enjoy flying in air shows I need to improve my skills.

To have your best year ever, dont spread yourself too thin

This is exactly the same in business. You spread yourself too thin you become a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None. If you think about most people in life the people who make the most money are the people that specialize in one area. But the majority of humans start something and then shortly after they’re off chasing the next butterfly. Since I’ve started focusing on just flying mostly jets the main one that I fly now has got over 170 flights on it. And my flying skills are gaining, without trying to wave my own flag, I’m better than ever because I’m simply… Flying more than most people among the average person. I’m not out there tryin’ to fly all these other 30 different types of planes. It really is amazing how similar our hobbies are to the rest of our life.

“For your best year ever, you play as you are.”

In fact there’s an old saying that goes, “You play as you are.” You play as you are. So I urge you in 2020 to do more of less. Do more of the hobbies that you enjoy the most and do less of what sucks your time. In business, do more of what will improve your life in 2020. And don’t get distracted by all those shiny new objects and butterflies that go past your nose. So that’s all for this week. I wish you and your family a very safe relaxing Christmas. Wish you a very prosperous 2020. So in 2020, less more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.

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