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Home » HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON (Beginners Guide)

HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON (Beginners Guide)


    HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON (Beginners Guide)

    HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON (Beginners Guide)

    This week’s video is about how to sell on Amazon and, most importantly, choosing the best Amazon strategy that suits you and your circumstances. The most important task of choosing the correct⁣ Amazon strategy that says you and most importantly, your circumstances. The best, the top three most popular Amazon strategies⁣ are Amazon, F B F, BM and Amazon Drop Shipping. I’ll explain all three⁣ and also show you the data from Google showing which⁣ one is now the big mover and shaker.

    All three of these Amazon strategies⁣have their pros and cons. Some required outlay, thousands ⁣of dollars for inventory, and others require less ⁣than a hundred dollars. This is why it’s critical to your success. If you look, just focus on⁣the strategy that suits you your goals, and your circumstances the best if anybody near this channel. My name’s Neil Waterhouse. I’ve been selling online⁣ or full-time for 24 years. I’m the author million⁣ dollar eBay business from home Creative Drop Ship⁣Formula, and I’ve been selling on Amazon around the world for 22 years.

    So let’s launch straight into it. First, the pros and ⁣cons of Amazon fba, fbm and Amazon drop shipping. FBA is short for fulfillment by Amazon. Fulfillment by Amazon means that you send your inventory ⁣to an Amazon warehouse and every time one of your items sells Amazon packs up your item and⁣ ships it to your customer. Amazon also with FBA, looks after your customer support for you. That’s the good part. The bad part for a lot of people is you need ⁣to have enough funds to purchase the inventory to send to Amazon and if you want to build⁣an Amazon business to replace a full-time income, ⁣you’ll need on average tens of thousands of dollars⁣ to spend on inventory.

    The other negative with Amazon FBA is if one or more of your⁣ product lines does not sell you’ll either need to⁣substantially drop the price possibly below your cost price or, and or have Amazon ship the⁣products back to you because if you just leave ⁣them in the Amazon warehouse Amazon will start⁣charging you a monthly fee for all the items that are not selling. Next is Amazon fbm. FBM is shot for fulfillment by merchant. In other words, fulfillment by you or me is we are the merchants. So with Amazon fbm you list your items on⁣ Amazon, but when they sell you box ’em up and ship ’em⁣to your customers yourself.

    The good parts of FBM is because your warehouse⁣ the product yourself. You can also list the same⁣ product on multiple platforms like eBay, catch Kogan, your ⁣own Shopify store, et cetera. So whenever you get an order from any of these⁣ platforms, including Amazon you can ship the stock ⁣straight to your buyer. The downside of FBM compared to FBA is that you need to ⁣warehouse thery yourself and then every time⁣ another product sells, you or your team have to box it up⁣and ship it to the customer. You can also though use a⁣ third party logistics company known the industry as three⁣pls to warehouse your products for you, and the three PL will⁣ ship the products directly to your customer.

    The big downside for a⁣lot of people with FBM like FBA is you need ⁣enough cash upfront to purchase inventory before it sells. This leads to the third Amazon strategy and that is drop shipping. Drop shipping is now⁣ the big mover and shaker and this is due to technology that is now⁣ available to automatically check your local supplier’s⁣inventory levels, as well as low-cost overseas virtual ⁣assistance from $1 per hour. Over the last five years we’ve seen a big movement to drop shipping not just from online sellers but also with traditional⁣ bricks and mortar stores. The big advantage of drop shipping is that you only purchase inventory from your suppliers after you get a sale. Then after your customer⁣ pays, you place the order with your supplier and your ⁣supplier boxes the item up and ships it direct to your customer so you never see or touch the product.

    The other big advantage ⁣of drop shipping is that you can work from almost ⁣anywhere on this planet. You can literally run a drop-ship business from a yacht in the middle of the ocean. All you need is access to the internet and with the latest generation of S phones, this is pretty much everywhere, way from the above ground because⁣you don’t hold any inventory. The size of the business is not limited by how much cash that you have. A drop-ship business is cash flow positive as the customer pays before you purchase the⁣inventory from your suppliers. The downside of drop shipping⁣is profit margins are on average, one-third ⁣lower than importing.

    However, even if your margins⁣are only half of what they are with F B R fbm, you can list⁣ 10 times or a hundred times, or a thousand times more ⁣products than other people because you’re not limited ⁣by your bank account. This is why not only online ⁣businesses have moved to the drop ship model,⁣ but also why more and more traditional bricks and⁣ mortar businesses every day are moving to the drop ship model. Dropshipping for traditional ⁣bricks and water businesses means they don’t need to⁣lease a bigger warehouse and hire more staff and also⁣ increase their overdraft to purchase more inventory.

    With drop shipping, you⁣ don’t hold any inventory so you don’t need a⁣ware house, so you don’t need an overdraft, and you⁣ don’t need to employ packers and best of all, you don’t⁣ need to purchase any inventory until it’s sold. So the next step with your ⁣journey of learning how to sell on Amazon is to choose⁣ which strategy suits you and your circumstances⁣the best, Amazon fba, fbm or drop shipping on Amazon. If your preference is Amazon⁣ fba, the next step is to watch this video up here. If you prefer Amazon fbm. The next step is to watch⁣ this video down here, or if you prefer Amazon drop shipping. The next step is you need⁣ to watch this video up here and I’ll also put links at the very end of this ⁣video to those videos. If you have any questions at All, all, please leave them⁣in the comment section below. Until next week, stay safe. Li Elmore, this is your Waterhouse.

    I will also show you data from Google showing which strategy is now the big mover and shaker.

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