Building An eBay Business While Working Full Time

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How to build an eBay business while working full time.

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10 Responses to Building An eBay Business While Working Full Time

  1. Frank says:

    Hi Neil –

    Great info. I’m intrigued with the idea of 3PLs. How does one go about finding good ones. What criteria do you use to evaluate them?
    Also, in your book, you mention that you don’t like dropshipping b/c it eats up too much of your profit.
    Have you reconsidered?



    • Hi Frank,

      In regards to 3 PL’s, our criteria is speed and cost.

      It is critical they ship within one business day.

      In regards to drop shipping, yes I have become much more of a fan of drop shipping as more and more suppliers are implementing “dynamic” websites which show when items are in stock and even more importantly, when they are not in stock. This combined with using low-cost overseas staff automate the business makes drop shipping much more viable.

      We have been able to maintain 99.8% feedback on our dropship businesses which in the past was not possible.

  2. Roslyn kaiser says:

    Thank you, Neil. I enjoyed listening to the video.

    I’m wondering whether you know of a good blogger.

    I’m having trouble selling one product – and a friend told me she had a friend in a similar situation and engaged a blogger in USA and the product is now selling extremely well.
    Any thoughts are welcome.

    • Hi Roslyn,

      Great to hear you enjoyed the video. Sorry, I do not know of a good blogger.

      We do not use the blogging strategy to sell items on eBay. Blogging is not one of our optimisation strategies.

  3. Richard says:

    your videos are very interesting. My wife and I have been running an Ebay business part time since May last year and have made a small profit so far. We are looking to expand all of the time and your site really helps.

    • Hi Richard, great to hear you are enjoying the videos. Also great to hear you made a small profit. Always remember the difference between a small eBay business and a large one is simply the amount of products you have listed which regularly sell.

      The secret is to continually list items which have a proven sales history as well of course optimising each listing.

  4. Chaminda Athapattu says:

    Dear Neil,

    Can I make a suggestion.?

    I love your teaching and you are the reason I have been able to develop my eBay business to this level.
    But, I really want to see what you teach in actual practice. That will help all of us a lot.

    What I suggest is,
    You open a new eBay account – and build it from scratch – say, to 10 products – showing every step to us – product research, supplier negotiations, importing, listing, pricing, optimisation, marketing etc.
    That way, you don’t have to reveal your current eBay businesses (which invariably give rise to copycats) and we can learn a lot more.

    Greg Mercer, who is a million dollar Amazon seller did exactly this – from scratch – and it was and still is the best Amazon education I had.

    Best regards


    • Thanks Chaminda for your great feedback.

      I have been working on a home study course for the last 12 months and this has all of this in it. It is currently being proofread now.

  5. Chaminda Athapattu says:

    Or else, you can make it in to a teaching course and charge us a fee

  6. Leona Banda says:

    Hi Neil
    Love to get on board after watching your videos. I just missed your Melbourne Seminar yesterday. Please let me know when your next one will
    be for next year.


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