Terapeak eBay Keyword Research Tool Review

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This video shows how to do eBay Keyword Research using the Terapeak SEO tool.

Transcribe of “Terapeak eBay Keyword Research Tool Review”

Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse. Today I want to show you another way of creating titles on eBay. This time using the Terapeak SEO tool and I also want to point out the pros and cons of using this tool. First of all, let me quickly show you how to use this tool. First you click SEO at the top of the Terapeak homepage as per the screenshot.

SEO of course is an abbreviation for search engine optimization

SEO of course is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. Just thought I should add that for any eBay newbies or any newbies watching this video. Next you simply start typing one or more keywords and the Terapeak auto suggestion tool will start showing suggestions. In this screenshot I typed in the keywords solar and panel.

Steps on how to use Terapeak eBay Keyword Research Tool

Below in green and blue you can see which keywords Terapeak suggests. The keywords which are in blue are the popular eBay suggested keywords. The keywords in green are the keywords popular in Google. You can quickly add these keywords to these other keywords that you type in, like solar panel, by clicking on the plus sign on each suggested keyword. You can also quickly remove them by clicking on the minus sign.

Terapeak also shows how many other sellers are using the keywords

Terapeak also shows you how many other sellers are using the keywords that you selected as per the screenshot. It also shows you listings on eBay which are using these keywords. Now, there is one other thing to be really aware of and that is where Terapeak gets the eBay data from for this SEO tool. The data for this part of keyword research comes from the other seller’s titles. In other words, it comes from the titles which other eBay sellers wrote. It does not come from what buyers are searching for.

Terapeak is showing you what the most common keywords

Terapeak is showing you what the most common keywords are that sellers put on their listings. Now as per the screenshot, if I click on the little question mark, Terapeak tells you that they sample the top 100 listings. So the pros and cons, or the pros for this tool are it’s quick to create listings however the downside is it pulls keywords from eBay titles written by sellers and not from buyers. If you want to know more, I’ll put a link on the video to Terapeak. That’s all this week. Please scroll down and leave me a comment below. Until next week, list more, sell me, this is Neil Waterhouse.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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4 Responses to Terapeak eBay Keyword Research Tool Review

  1. Edwin Madiba says:

    Thank you for the video Neil, but did you have a suggestion on how to create a better title based on buyers’ keywords?

  2. Kylie Turner says:

    This was brilliant & very easy to follow. Thank you so much Neil

  3. You said that the key words on Terapeak came fro eBay Sellers and Google.How does it get the keywords from Google?

    Thank you for a very good clear video

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