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Home » Terapeak eBay Competitor Research is Back!

Terapeak eBay Competitor Research is Back!


Terapeak eBay Competitor Research is Back!. Received an email from Terapeak saying “Terapeak eBay Competitor Research is Back!”

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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3 thoughts on “Terapeak eBay Competitor Research is Back!”

  1. Thanks for the video Neil, in your last Terapeak video you mentioned you were working on some software to show a seller’s best listings. Still something you’re thinking of doing? Just curious!

  2. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the video, could you please make a video on how to find dropshippers on eBay from the pictures ebay sellers are using.


  3. i think terapeak should just bring back competitor research in full the information is available on ebay anyway if you spend long enogh to find it so they are not really breaking any privacy rules are they.. also is there a quicker way to find the sellers best selling items other than searching through there sold listings one at a time ? Cheers mate

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