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  1. Hi Neil,
    I’ve also been lucky enough to read “Million Dollar eBay Business” and found it inspirational, it’s practical insights into the workings of ebay are invaluable and helped me overcome my fears of entering into a new enterprise. The stat’s about how this sector are growing were also really surprising making me really see the potential of ebay as a market and the revolution going on in internet sales. Thanks so much for all your great work.


  2. Hi Neil,
    I have been working through your book, listing stuff to sell and am treating it like a game with a new bank account just for this project.

    Great videos. I like your backgrounds and the info is easy to understand. As a Maths teacher I’m enjoying the maths side of it all. Actually, at this time of year I’m a bit over the teaching and keen to spend a lot more time on my new hobby.

    I’m hoping I can graduate to full time ebay/amazon/webshop. But there are a few goals to reach before I do this.

    My wife and I have 4 kids. Millie (26), Micah(25), Kiara(23) and Tommy (9). I taught high school music for 20 years then retrained as a maths teacher 4 years ago.

    I grew up in Macquarie Fields (SW Sydney) as a kid and had several small business’s but was encouraged by my father to get a secure government job inside, in a clean environment.

    I moved to Albury from Wollongong leaving the older kids there with my wife Debbie and little Tommy. I like the country traffic and house prices but would love to relocate somewhere like Bellingen, Nambucca, Dorrigo.

    You have given a lot of information about yourself and your business I thought you would like to know a bit about mine.

    Thank you for your contribution to online selling. I really appreciate the clear guidance without all the hype that some guys go on with on you tube.

    Have a great day
    Dave Robinson

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