Overnight success? err… No.

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[activecampaign form=1] Is there such a thing as an overnight success?

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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14 Responses to Overnight success? err… No.

  1. Ibrahim says:

    Hi Neil,

    Great video about persistence and never giving up. I whole heartily agree with that, i have dreams of selling online and creating a business that works for me. I don’t plan on giving up, i only plan on getting better and reaching my goals.

    Thank you

  2. Gary says:

    Love the video Neil. Currently reading think and grow rich and that’s exactly what it talks about. Keep up the good work. Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar yesterday in Melbourne.

  3. Tracie says:

    I’ve watched all your vids Neil but this is my favourite . I have seen so many of my favourite eBay Seller’s disappear over the years (mostly fashion as that is my thing) . I think they weren’t able (or willing ) to roll with the punches that eBay constantly dishes out re fees returns postage times payment options etc . in spite of these things eBay remains the premier platform for online shopping for both buyers and sellers so whilst always in the lookout for something new and better I remain one of the Seller’s who has been with eBay for more than 15 years . I am not rich but I do get to work from home , doing something I love,which has always been my goal , and I guess I can’t complsin about that !

  4. Bill says:

    Hi Neil,
    Very true. Life can be difficult. But with something to aim for each day gives life a purpose. Its so important to have goals. Just get up each morning and keep going. No matter what.

  5. Adam Whitsun-Jones says:

    What a great video, so true. There is no failure except in giving up so if you don’t give up and keep trying, you will get there. So thank you from me for your lovely video and the motivation that you give in all your videos that we can succeed.

  6. Phil says:

    Neil love your sayings such as “keep showing up”, “best team wins”. They are great to frame in your mind when the tough times happen, and they will!
    Buy the way what was that in the background calling out? A rooster?

    • Hi Phil, I sure love those sayings too!

      Yes those noisy birds are our roosters “Honey,Truffles and several others which I can never remember the names of.

      The kids love to name everyone of them.

  7. Mike says:

    Good point as Dory says ( Just Keep Swimming ) I have almost carbon copy story when I did my PPL in the Nineties ! Just as well you didn’t get a job with Qantas or you would not be training all these people to be financially free ! Thanks Neil the Universe has a way of providing what you need when you look !

  8. Annie says:

    Thanks Neil. You share such great info. Taking small steps and keep showing up. Such great advice.

  9. Margaret says:

    Love this Neil ! So true.

  10. Olivia Coombe says:

    My plan is to list and sell. I need success NOW

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