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How to use Terapeak.

This video shows how to use Terapeak to find eBay’s top selling items and also, how to to research the Ebay top sellers / competitors.

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Transcribe of How to Use Terapeak.

– Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse.

Today I want to show you how to find the top-selling items on Ebay using Terapeak, and also how to find the eBay top sellers of these products.

Ebay purchased Terapeak

Now back in December , Ebay purchased Terapeak from the two Canadian brothers that started it. And since then, eBay’s been continually tweaking it. Today, the platform looks totally different.

So in this week’s video, I want to show you how to find the parts of the new Terapeak that we find are the most useful. So here goes.

Terapeak cost

First of all, Terapeak is a subscription-based service, as it’s always been. However on our US account, it’s currently free if you have a Ebay store subscription. Here though in Australia, it’s currently $12 per month as per the screenshot.

So here is a screenshot of the home page from the latest version of Terapeak. Now if you’ve been a Terapeak user for years in the past, this home page now looks totally different.

Terapeak have tried to hide the names of the sellers

The first time I saw the new Terapeak, my first impression was, where’s everything gone? But it turns out we can get most of the information we need, although it takes a few more clicks. The new Terapeak format though, is actually very easy to navigate. And the only reason we need a few more clicks is Ebay / Terapeak have tried to hide the names of the sellers. But as I’ll show you, there’s an easy workaround to get the names.

How to find eBay’s top-selling items

So Terapeak of course is Ebay research software. So the first question is normally is how to find top-selling eBay’s top selling items and also, to find the top e”Bay sellers of those items. So let’s get into it.

Let’s start with the keyword “Generator”. Simply type Generator into the search box and before you hit the Search button, make sure you select whichever country you wish. In this example as you can see from the screenshot, I’ve selected Australia.

And also select the date range. In this example, I’ve selected the last seven days. Once you hit Search, Terapeak will show you all the eBay items sold in your research date period for whichever keyword you’ve selected. In this example, I’ve sorted them by “Total Sales’. And to do this, you could just click on that little down arrow next to the word Total Sales so it sorts by Total Sales.

How find the name of eBay top sellers

Here you can see the eBay top seller has sold 37 items in the last seven days with the keyword Generator giving a total revenue of $15,351. Now notice that Terapeak has disguised the name of the seller by only showing the first and last letters of the seller’s name. This of course is to protect the privacy of the seller.

However notice also that Terapeak shows a 12-digit Ebay item ID. To find this seller, all you do is copy the 12-digit item ID and paste it in the search box on Ebay, click Search, and bingo, here is the item and the name of the seller.

Terapeak shows total sales

Another function of Terapeak is that it shows the total sales for whichever keyword you wish. So in this case, for the keyword “Generator”, as you can see from the screenshot, the total sales for the keyword Generator has been just over 308,000 for the last seven days.

Top 10 eBay sellers

So that was the Transaction tab, which is the first tab which opens up when you search a keyword. The other tabs are Unsold items, Trends, Sellers, and Inventory items. Here’s a screenshot from the Trend tab, which looks very similar to Google Trends. The next tab is Sellers, which shows you the top 10 eBay sellers for the keyword you search for. So in this case, Generator.

Now notice again that Ebay only shows the first and last letters of the sellers name, but if you go back to the Transaction tab like you did at the beginning of this video and sort by Total Sales, the same sellers come up. So all you do is copy the 12-digit number and paste it into the search box and bingo, you found the seller.

Terapeak shows you eBay’s top selling items

The next and last tab is very interesting. Here Terapeak shows you eBay’s top selling items from the same Ebay top sellers that I just showed you in the Sellers tab. I’ll just repeat that.

Here Terapeak shows you the top-selling items from those same Ebay top sellers that I just showed you in the Sellers tab. Now again, the name of the eBay top sellers are hidden, but the 12-digit item ID number is showing. So again, you just paste that number into the search box in Ebay and bingo, you found the product and also the the eBay top seller.

So that’s all for this week. Please scroll down and leave me a comment below. Until next week, list more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.

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