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How To Use eBay Markdown Manager





Transcribe of “How to use eBay Markdown Manager”

So buyers on eBay want a bargain, or at least they want to feel like they’re getting a bargain. If a buyer doesn’t feel like they’re getting a bargain from one seller, they’ll often move to the next seller. In this video I’m gonna show you how to use ebay markdown manager so buyer’s feel like they’re getting a bargain. And the great part about this strategy is it doesn’t cost you any money or eat into your profit margin.

How to use eBay’s Markdown Manager

Now the way you do this, is you put the price up first 30 to 40% and then you put the item on sale, and the new sale price is exactly what the original price was. Now the advantage of this is eBay shows buyers what your inflated high price was, and eBay shows your new discounted price as your new sale price.

On sale price was exactly the same price

Of course, the new on sale price was exactly the same price before you put the item on sale. So just to make it clear, even though the item’s on sale, it’s no cheaper than what you were originally selling it for. So this strategy does not eat into your profit margin in any way.

Now the question always comes up as to how much of a discount?

Now the question always comes up as to how much of a discount? And this is very important. To cut a long story short from our tests over the years, we find 30 to 40% off works best. So you put your price up 30 to 40% and then you put it on sale, 30 to 40% off. Too small a discount, like, say 5%, can actually reduce your sales conversions as buyers feel the discount is too weak and they go looking for a deeper discount. Too big a discount, like 90% off, as in 9-0, 90% off, can also trigger the buyer’s BS meter and again reduce sales conversions. From our tests, 30 to 40% works the best. Here’s an example. I’ve already increased the price of this item 30%.

Next step is to put the item on sale.

Next step is to put the item on sale. To do this, use Markdown Manager in the eBay Seller Hub. I’ll put a URL to the Seller Hub on the screen, and also below. Also, note that Markdown Manager only works if you have an eBay Store. If you don’t have an eBay Store, you can get one form $4.95 per month. Okay, back to Markdown Manager. First step is to click on “Markdown sale”. Then click the blue “Create a promotion” button. Then select “Sale event + markdown”. Select what type of sale event that you wish to do. I’m choosing to take 30% off selected items.

You can put a whole category on sale

Next you can choose whether you want to put selected items on sale, or to speed the process up, you can put a whole category on sale, or whole categories on sale. For this demonstration, I’m just gonna choose “Select items”, as I just wanna put one item on sale for this demonstration. To do this, just click the checkbox next to the item or the items that you wish to put on sale, and then click the blue “Confirm selections” button. You’ll then be sent to a “Save and review” page, where you can check to make sure everything’s okay. On the next page you can choose your start and end date for your sale, as well as give your sale a name, which is mandatory. After that, click the blue “Launch” button and that’ it.

You can only put items on sale that have been live on eBay for 14 days

Now just a quick note. You can only put items on sale that have been live on eBay for 14 days. Cannot list an item now and put it on sale. You have to list the item now and then wait 14 days before you can put it on sale. Also, if you run a sale every, say, week, you can easily outsource this task to a one to two dollar per hour overseas virtual assistant and they can do it all for you. That’s all for this week, please scroll down and leave me a comment below. Until next week, list more, sell more, this is Neil Waterhouse.

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8 thoughts on “How To Use eBay Markdown Manager”

  1. Thanks Neil
    Helpful as always…thanks for making the steps clear.
    NB I outsources this once before and there was an error/mistake….so I got gun shy….I will try this myself now.

    Just to clarify….
    You have to wait 14 days ( not 7 ) before you can make the optimisation sales promotional adjustments…
    Best Michael

  2. Hi Neil !
    What is your view on doing this with an item that has quite a bit of sales history …. given that the price it had been selling for is able to be seen if a buyer knows where to look. ie been selling for $100 for months. Then, I put it up 30/40% for two weeks, then the discount is applied that brings it back down to $100. Do you feel this is likely to trigger the BS response? Also, I noticed that in the listing example shown, there was a “Make an Offer” option. Could you do a segment on this and what your research has shown in relation to using the “Make an Offer” option?
    Have an Awesome month!

    1. Hi John, from our experience, markdown manager works well with items with any sales history.

      In regards to make an offer, not a great fan. We find that people who are going to buy, click the make an offer button instead of purchasing.

      The other big problem is, you cannot turn off the make an offer option. You have to end the listing and then restart it which means you lose all your sales history.

  3. Hi Neil

    How do you trust a VA who lives overseas with an Ebay store user name and password which is linked to bank account orPayPal?

    Our store has buy “x” item and you get “y %” sale for a long time but still now sale. Any tips.

    1. Hi Charles, with PayPal, you can set up a two-step authorisation when you receive an SMS from PayPal any purchase or debit.

      Without the authorisation SMS, it is impossible to withdraw any funds from PayPal.

        1. Hi John,

          In order to do this, all you have to do is email and tell them that the VA will be logging into your account to do work, and to also provide the following details:.
          VA’s name
          VA’s IP address

          Once eBay have received these details they will add the VA into the system as a Secondary Contact and there shouldn’t be any more issues with your account getting frozen unless it is a genuine threat. 

          Also tell your VA to not use their own VPN as this may trigger a security alert.

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