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How to find what is hot selling on eBay

Hi Neil, how can a newbie find out the hot selling items since there is no ebay pulse for that? If I’m wrong, tell me how I can find this!
Hi Jim,
Here are few places to find what is hot on eBay.
7. Marketplace Analyzer

2 thoughts on “How to find what is hot selling on eBay”

  1. Hi Neil,

    My wife & I are just starting out & trying to access the eBay Catman site but no luck with IE, Mozilla or Google Chrome. Is there a site you prefer for finding key words & popularity? We are trying to determine niches we want to work with and any help is greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Michael,

      Catman does not seem to be supported by eBay anymore. This happens with a eBay a fair bit.

      Check out this other blog post, it has some other sites which might help you.

      Best regards

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