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eBay Listing Check up

Most eBay sellers are missing out on valuable profits as their eBay listings are not correctly optimised for eBay’s Cassini search engine and their descriptions are not optimised for sales conversions. Just a few simple changes can often radically increase your sales and profits.

Less than 0.001% of all eBay listings are optimised for maximum sales. Just 1 tip, trick or methodology can over double the sales of an eBay listing and we have over 300 hints, tips, tricks and methodologies.


The secret to getting eBay listings on page one is to make sure they are optimised for eBay’s Cassini search engine.

Here is a sample of the parts of a listing which are checked in an eBay listing checkup, starting from the basics:

  1. How good is your title? eBay allows 80 Characters and every “relevant” word gives your listing more traffic
  2. How good are your photos? Does eBay’s “Cassini” search engine promote your listings or black flag them because they do not meet eBay’s specifications? Are they increasing your sales or hurting your sales?
  3. Item Specifics: eBay’s “Cassini” search engine looks at the item specifics. Correct usage is paramount
  4. Shipping costs
  5. Type of shipping used
  6. Handling time
  7. Shipping time
  8. Warranty
  9. Terms and conditions
  10. Bullet points
  11. Features converted to benefits
  12. Price
  13. Branding
  14. Do your customers stay on your listing or do you accidently give them an easy way to leave?
  15. Credibility, this will take less than 5 minutes
  16. Best offer strategy
  17. Kick Start Strategy
  18. GTC Strategy
  19. Scarcity strategy
  20. JPeterman strategy
  21. Spell Checking
  22. Correct categories/s
  23. Markdown manager strategy
  24. Short Description
  25. Keyword Density
  26. Photo SEO strategies
  27. Captions
  28. Alt Tags
  29. Title Tags
  30. Smart device compatibility
  31. Reverse Keyword engineering strategy
  32. Watch List Strategy
  33. Price up strategy
  34. A Simple graphic every buyer wants to see and instantly wins trust however very few eBay sellers have it
  35. “eBay Premium Service” compatibility
  36. Churn and Burn Strategy

These are just 36 points of over 300 points checked in an eBay listing check up.

For your check up, we will go through your entire eBay listing and tell you the top 15 strategies, methodologies, tips and tricks which will make the biggest difference to your eBay sales.  You can then normally use the same strategies on your other eBay listings.

Neil’s no BS, 100% zero risk, no questions asked, money back guarantee: If this check up does not radically increase your sales, let us know and we will immediately refund you 100%.

To book your eBay listing check up and increase your eBay sales now…


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Neil Waterhouse

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