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How to Find eBay Item Number and What is an eBay Item Number


    Online shopping has changed people’s mindsets. Now, the biggest shopping platforms are introduced to facilitate the people. eBay has made its place with its fastest shipping services and effortless online shopping like other shopping forums. If you are an online shopper, you must be aware of online shopping tactics, and eBay has listed each product with the specified item number. Therefore, it would be easy for people to search the product with the item number and get unlimited shopping chances.

    However, eBay item number is not tricky to find. If you are a beginner, I will help you get the whole idea to shop the eBay items easily. Thus, you can use the eBay item number to rebuy the same thing. When you go on a website and search for your required product, you will see an item number at the right corner of the page.

    So, in this article, we will tell you some tips to find and understand eBay item number and why it is helpful for your online shopping.

    What is eBay item number?

    eBay item number is the specified code provided by eBay to the relative product. You can search the product by its item number, and it’s the quick way to get the required results. So, you can find the eBay item number in two ways.

    Method 1

    Find an eBay number by website.

    When finding an eBay item number, you need to open the website. So, there would be unlimited product’s categories in front of you. You can choose your required category by browsing through the website. It is not difficult to select the product by searching eBay item numbers. Now, you must be worried about how to watch for eBay item numbers.

    Let me explain.

    An eBay item number is located at the right of the product description, and you can see it easily. Hence, eBay provides the specified item number for each product and its unique code to search and repurchase the product. Thus, you can see the identical item number at check out when you have done shopping.

    So, if you have put the things in the cart, the same item number will be revealed to you. Hence, an item number search will help you to buy the product again. For example, you have shopped any smart device from the site, and you can search it again by item number to watch for warranty and other services.

    Moreover, we will tell you another way to search for an eBay item number and make your purchase easier.

    Method 2

    Find an eBay item number by an app

    Like other online shopping forums, eBay also has its app, and you can easily reach the site by clicking on the eBay icon. eBay app is available at Google’s store, or you can download an app from the site directly to your home screen. Now, thehappiest thing is that this app is available for smart devices too.

    So, you can shop by making your online account or directly logging in to the website to get quick access. In addition, searching eBay item number to buy the specified product is effortless. You can copy-paste the item number to the search bar, and the required result will be on-screen within seconds. Thus, you can buy the item without any trouble browsing similar items.

    Moreover, if you are a newbie, you must be aware of the location and importance of item numbers. The item number is located at the right of each product’s description, and you may find the item number in the confirmational email too.

    Thus, eBay item number search astonishes many customers because of its quick and effortless access. You can see the item number of each product when you have purchased the item, and it will be there in the shopping cart at the time of check out. Thus, there would be no chance of any misconception because of the specified code of your purchase history.

    How to find an eBay item number (for buyer)?

    If you are a regular eBay shopping customer, you must have an eBay app on your phone or desktop. Thus, by clicking through this app, you will get access to the website. But, of course, if you have an account, you can log in already.

    So, browse the required product for a regular shopping experience by entering the name in the search bar. There will be unlimited options for the users to choose and buy the required item. For your convenience, eBay has listed each product with a specified code, and it will be visible at the upper right corner of the product, description in blue color.

    Thus, you can buy the item easily, and the same code will be sent to you in email for confirmation. Now, you must be thinking about how to find an eBay item number again. The answer is simple and yet facilitative for you. On the right side of your eBay page, you can click “watch” if this item is on your watch list and active. So, the required result will appear at the left of the listing, and you can buy it easily.

    How to search for eBay items (seller)?

    If you are a seller, you must know how to get quick and easy access to your account. So, I have some detailed information that could be beneficial for you in the long run.

    • You have to search “My seller account” by choosing the advanced search bar by opening the app.
    • You have to type the user id of the seller you want to search.
    • Now it’s essential to know that you have to choose the complete listings to filter the required item number. So, you can see only those listings that have been completed by the seller previously.
    • Your search can be limited to choosing the time ending soonest option if you are interested in buying any auction item.
    • So, you can choose the number per page listings by drop-down list and search your required product by entering the item number.

    How to search a seller from item number?

    If you don’t have an eBay account, you can log in by opening the site on your desktop. Thus, there will be the eBay home page in front of you. So, you can use this method for the eBay item number and the person who is selling the relative product.

    You can also use the advanced search box to widen up the search criteria. Hence, you can find similar products from the other sellers too. Thus, for the specified product, you need to enter the item number, and by opening the page from the known seller, you can get what you want.

    eBay also introduced the search by item number tab, and you can use this option to have quick access. Usually, you will find this option at the left sidebar, near the top.

    If you don’t remember the item number, you can search for the required product by opening the seller profile. Hence, you may find many users with one name, and it may become difficult sometimes to get the required result. You can click on the “Seller information” on the right side of the page to detail your needs.

    A quick sneak peek to find an eBay item number


    It’s not difficult to find an eBay item number because eBay facilitates its customers with an effortless shopping experience and allocates the specific code to the product. As a result, every seller has its own specified items number for the products, and you can identify them easily.

    • You need to open an eBay page or the app for quick access to the website. By clicking the tab, a home screen will be opened.
    • So, you can navigate through the item listing. It’s the item posting page, and you can browse so many options for yourself.
    • Look to the right of the Description tab. You’ll see the “eBay item number” to the right of the Description tab that you can find under the item’s image. If the Shipping and payments tab is active, you won’t see the item number, so you’ll need to click the Description tab to activate it.
    •  If you purchased the item, the “eBay item number” is included in the email sent to you to confirm the purchase. You could also find the “eBay item number” in the product listing in “Purchase History.”
    • You have to open an eBay app. This app icon looks like a multi-colored “eBay” You can find this on your home screen, in the app dashboard, or by searching through a browser. If you don’t have the eBay app, you can download it free from the Google Play Store or App Store. Then, log in if needed.

    Over to you

    Finally, I have provided a complete guide that could help you find and identify the eBay item number with a bit of search. Then, you can go through an eBay app to get the required outcome. So, the item number for the product is mentioned with each product’s description, and you can use that code to prompt your purchase.



    How to find the item number on eBay?

    eBay item number is there at the right corner of each product’s description, and it’s the specified code for each product.

    Where is the eBay item number?

    When you open the page from any selling account, you will see a blue color code in the numbers at the right corner of the listed product.

    How to search eBay by item number?

    There is an advanced search option on the eBay homepage. You can type the required item number to locate the specified product.

    Where is the item number on eBay?

    eBay provides the specified item number for users’ facilities, and you can find it at the right corner of the page at the top.

    Where is the item number on eBay?

    Item number for the required product is always there at the top of the page in the right corner.

    Where do I find the item number on eBay?

    There will be an option in front of you by clicking the product name or listing. If you have entered the item in your watch list, you can find it easily. Otherwise, you can see the item number located right below the listing of each product.



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