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Home » eBay Dropshipping – How To NOT Get Banned!

eBay Dropshipping – How To NOT Get Banned!


    eBay Dropshipping – How To NOT Get Banned

    eBay Dropshipping – How To NOT Get Banned!

    I’m doing a series of quick videos about the top five mistakes that ⁣eBay drop-ship sellers make. This week’s quick video ⁣is video number three. Have you missed the other videos including the number one⁣ mistake that eBay dropship sellers do that gets⁣’em suspended or banned? I’ll put a link at the end of this video. Anybody new to this channel? My name’s Neil Waterhouse and I’ve been selling online⁣full-time for 24 years.

    I’m the author of Million⁣Dollar eBay Business from Home and Credit of Drop Ship Formula so let’s launch straight into it. This week’s quick video is⁣the third biggest mistake that eBay drop-ship sellers make. And once you know what I’m ⁣going to show you in this video you can make sure that you⁣set up your drop ship business for the long haul so you can ⁣keep selling year after year. Okay? The number three⁣ reason eBay drop ship sellers get banned is for⁣using overseas suppliers i e l, express, Alibaba, et cetera.

    Using overseas suppliers causes many many problems for drop shippers. The first big problem with using overseas ⁣suppliers like Ali Express for drop shipping is the⁣random delivery times from China and Asia. Yes, in a perfect world, couriers⁣ like FedEx, dhl, et cetera can deliver a parcel to⁣your customer from say China in three business days. However, we don’t live in a perfect world.

    We never have, even before Covid delivery times ⁣from Asia, were random at best. I’ve been importing from China ⁣for over 35 years, as well as Malaysia, Vietnam, usa,⁣Japan, Europe, and the uk. And I could literally write a book about all the reasons why our shipments of the years have been delayed. And the reason for the⁣ continuous random delays is there are just so many variables.

    If you drop ship suppliers and say, China how long does it take for a courier to pick⁣up your parcel in China from your supplier and then ⁣get it booked into the network? How far away is is your⁣ supplier from the Korea Depot? How far is a depot from the airport? How many times does the⁣ package need to change hands before it gets to the airport? How long does it take for⁣customs in, say, China to clear the parcel before  ⁣it can leave the country? When is the next flight? Is there any room on the next flight? When the flight arrives into your country or into the country of your customer? What’s the current custom delay today?

    Then when it’s released from customers are there any delays⁣ with local deliveries? And then you can throw in random events like⁣ volcanic ash, Chinese New Year and other overseas ⁣holidays, and the multitude of other things that delay⁣ international shipments. If you dropshipping on eBay,⁣Amazon, or your own website like a Shopify store, a⁣lot of buyers will not tolerate deliveries that⁣take weeks to arrive. This is the reason I’ve been saying for years to only ever use local suppliers for drop shipping on eBay,⁣Amazon, Shopify, et cetera. And if you don’t have⁣ enough local suppliers I’ll put a link at the end of this video.

    We can download now for free list of over 900 popular local⁣ drop-ship suppliers. The second reason that⁣we don’t use AliExpress or any other overseas supplier as drop ship suppliers is that shipping by air for large items⁣is horrendously expensive because items need to be shipped by air for speed with drop⁣shipping and not by sea. You can only use Koreas ⁣like DHL, FedEx, et cetera to ship small items.

    And these air freight⁣ companies are expensive. As an example, a box say the⁣size of a shoe box will cost you around a hundred dollars⁣ US to ship from China to first all countries like ⁣Australia and the usa. This is why most drop⁣ship sellers that use overseas suppliers only⁣ship small items by air. And this leads to the third massive issue with using overseas drop ship suppliers. Most drop ship beginners all focus on small, cheap, lightweight items.

    But here’s the big problem with that. Not only are you competing with all the other eBay drop⁣ship beginners selling small cheap, lightweight items,⁣but you’re also competing with all the Chinese ⁣suppliers who can also ship these small items using⁣FedEx, dhl, ems, et cetera. However, the good news is because air freight is so expensive the Chinese sellers cannot⁣ drop ship large items.

    They can only drop ship⁣small items by air. They cannot drop ship large⁣items like say this Bastille as the cost of air freight⁣is way too expensive. This is why we stay clear⁣of these small, lightweight cheap items. A lot of people think⁣ that it’s much harder to drop ship a large item⁣like say a bar stool but we drop shipping. Your drop ship supply⁣ does all the warehousing packing and shipping for⁣you, so it doesn’t make any difference if the item s⁣are a small pair of say reading glasses or as large as a canoe.

    Your supplier does all⁣the warehousing, picking packing and shipping, not you. It also makes more sense to ⁣sell more expensive items as on average you make larger profits per sale with larger⁣and more expensive items takes the same amount of time to list. A $5 item on eBay is say,⁣a hundred dollars item.

    Why not sell something⁣ where you can make, say $40 profit on a sale as⁣opposed to $2 profit? Another big advantage of using local suppliers⁣is you get local support. If you have any warranty issues. If you have any questions please leave them in the ⁣convers section below. If you miss the first⁣video showing the number one reason that eBay drop⁣ship beginners get banned I’ll put a link up here and⁣at the end of the video. Until next week, stay safe. Thanks


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