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Can I Build an eBay Business From Scratch?


Received an email from Kirk Waters asking if he is too old to build an eBay business from scratch. Here is my reply.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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9 thoughts on “Can I Build an eBay Business From Scratch?”

  1. Hi Neil — To Kirk & anyone else who is a late starter in life — you are never too old to start a new venture. The great Thomas Edison decided to study Botany when he was 80 with no previous knowledge of the subject. Needless to say he mastered it. Kirk I am 66 years old. Neil has been coaching me personally for almost a year. If I can do it anyone can. I have adhd (scattered focus, trouble concentrating on anything for very long) I sleep poorly & I have no business experience at all. I am also not always fast at learning new things. But as Neil says its not a race. Its not about speed but more about mastering lesson one before you move on to lesson two. Very basic stuff. I am building a big Dropshipping business under Neils tutelage & I feel sure that with the challenges I have faced in the last year definitely virtually anyone can build a small or large eBay business — depending on your goals. During that year I have faced some significant health challenges. I almost cancelled my coaching with Neil. Thank God I didn’t. In the end I said to myself that even if I was sick 6 days a week I would work long & hard on the one day I was well. Thanks for listening. I hope that helps someone — but especially you Kirk

    1. Hi Mal
      Great to see your comment. Im just starting coaching with Neil and it inspires me to see your confidence in the process. I have been to his seminars before and although haven’t achieved much yet I did get a lot out of them. Ím determined to make it this time and definitely wont give up. Thanks Neil for all your help so far, have to get to one of those groups too.

  2. Hi

    Yes all Neil’s comments are correct. I started part time on eBay approx 14 years ago and went full time 3 years ago. I am now at the point of expansion and now have to learn the next steps of fulfilment companies and/or process something new to me. I want to get to point of managing the business and not doing it. So new things to learn and I just do them a step at a time but I just try them!

    Cheers Mike

  3. Good vid Neil mal I am in a similar situation as you I have a problem with my eyes am going blind but I find it hard on computer sometimes and I am in my sixtys now but am still trying to build this eBay business

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