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Home » Dropshipping Explained | Kmart $79, eBay $229!

Dropshipping Explained | Kmart $79, eBay $229!


Dropshipping Explained |  Kmart $79, eBay $229!

Transcribe of “Dropshipping Explained | Kmart $79, eBay $229”


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2 thoughts on “Dropshipping Explained | Kmart $79, eBay $229!”

  1. Hi Neil,
    I must admit I was surprised when during your course one of the suggested suppliers was K mart, ensuring we removed their labelling. I couldn’t understand how that could possibly work and enable us to make a profit.
    How do you handle it when people who have done the research make a negative comment about ripping people off as I have seen on some sales platforms?

    1. Hi Anne, places like Kmart, Target, Big W, Catch and Amazon are very popular dropship suppliers and used by many eBay and Amazon dropship sellers.

      For this reason, these suppliers can be used for “seller research” to find dropship sellers for your column C however, do not use them as your supplier.

      Suppliers that put their branding on the packing boxes can be used for seller research to find sellers for your column C however, not used as your supplier and therefore they should not go on your column B.

      Do not put suppliers on your column B which have branding on their packing boxes i.e Amazon, Kmart etc.

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