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Home » HOW To Find DROPSHIP Suppliers TOP Selling Items 2022

HOW To Find DROPSHIP Suppliers TOP Selling Items 2022


HOW To Find DROPSHIP Suppliers TOP Selling Items 2022

Transcribe of “HOW To Find DROPSHIP Suppliers TOP Selling Items 2022”

How to find dropship suppliers? This week’s video shows how to speed up product researching by finding, and only researching, your drop ship supplier’s top selling items. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your drop ship supplier’s revenue comes from only 20% of the products that they sell. So for example, if your drop ship supplier has, say, a thousand different products, 80% of that drop ship supplier’s revenue will come from only 200 of their thousand products.


Those 200 products are the drop ship supplier’s best selling items. So how can we see which products are our drop ship supplier’s best selling or top selling items? That is exactly what this week’s video is all about. And also, if you don’t have enough drop ship suppliers, stick around to the end of this video, and I’ll give you a link to where you can download a free list of hundreds of drop ship suppliers from all over the world. If anybody is new to this channel, my name’s Neil Waterhouse and I’ve been selling on eBay for 24 years. And I’m the author of “Million Dollar E-Business from Home,” and creator of the Drop Ship Formula.



So let’s get started. The big advantage of finding a drop ship supplier’s top selling items, is it massively speeds up researching, as you or your virtual assistants, don’t waste time researching products that are just sitting around your drop ship supplier’s warehouse, collecting dust. When doing product research, we want to research and sell your drop ship supplier’s top selling items, as those are the items that have a proven high demand. Some suppliers show on their websites what their top selling items are. And that makes life easy. However, many others don’t. However, there are many job ship suppliers that allow you to download a list of their inventory, and that’s all we need to find their top selling items, as I’ll show you. To find your supplier’s top-selling items, all you need to do is download your supplier’s inventory list on two different dates, say a week apart. So for example, if you download your supplier’s inventory list today, and then again, download your supplier’s list a week later, you then simply compare the two, to see which items they sold the most of. Let me show you.


Let’s use Drop Ship Zone as an example. With Drop Ship Zone, you can download a SKU report, which shows all their products. When you download that SKU report, you can see the stock quantity for each of their SKUs. What we need to do now is download the same SKU report a week later, and then compare the stock quantity for each SKU. If you go with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, you can quite easily do this. Otherwise, I’ll probably get the end of this video, where you can download my spreadsheet now for free. This spreadsheet does all the calculations for you, including sorting all the products, so the best sellers appear at the very top. To make this spreadsheet work, there’s just three tabs: old week tab, latest week tab, and summary tab.


Step one is to paste the five relevant columns from the downloaded SKU report, into the old week tab, and then do the same one week later, in the latest week tab. And that’s it. The summary tab will automatically show you all the top selling items, sorted by best selling. If you want to download the spreadsheet, I’ll put a link on the screen, and below. If you need more drop ship suppliers, I’ll also put a link on the screen below, where can download over 900 drop ship suppliers from all over the world, now, for free. If you need help finding top selling drop sheet products, make sure we check out this video up here.


That’s all for this week. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. And if you found any value in this video, please give it a thumbs up as it helps the channel, and make sure you hit the subscribe button, to the no-fluff, ad-free channel, that teaches you step by step, how anyone can make a full time living from their home, using less than a hundred dollars. Until next week, stay safe, live small, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.

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