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How to Source Profitable Products To Sell on eBay DVD

How to Find The Best Selling, And Most Profitable Products To Sell On eBay

Are you struggling to find which items to sell on eBay? Or, do you have an existing eBay business but know you could make more money if you have more high profit products to sell?

If the answer is yes to either, then this DVD will help you.

Presented by eBay multi-million dollar seller and the author of “Million Dollar eBay Business From Home – A Step By Step Guide” Neil Waterhouse. This no fluff, no BS presentation will show you;

  • How To Find The Best Selling Items On eBay
  • How To Find The Most Profitable Items  On eBay
  • New products versus used products
  • Finding products to sell on eBay
  • What are the typical attributes for a high profit product
  • How to import
  • Importing costs
  • Ebay eBay Costs
  • PayPal costs
  • Postage Costs
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • How much profit an average product makes
  • Which products to sell on Ebay
  • Which category
  • Where to source products for free
  • Where to source used products
  • Where to source new products
  • Product criteria for high profit product
  • Which products make most of the profit
  • Example of a product which costs less than $50 but made over $15,000 in the last 90 days
  • Which products to not sell and why
  • Applying the 80 / 20 rule to product sourcing
  • How to remove all the guesswork
  • How to find what’s hot right now on eBay
  • How to do manual research
  • How to fully automate research
  • How to negotiate with suppliers
  • How to import from China
  • Low cost shipping strategies from China
  • Summary of how to build a million dollar eBay Business

If you want to know how the experts source products to sell on eBay and their websites. This DVD will show you.

100% Zero Risk, Money Back Guarantee. DVD includes Neil’s 100% No BS,  Zero Risk, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.  If this DVD does not show you how to make at least 10 times your money back in the next 30 days, or for any other reason, just send it back for a 100% refund.

Only $49 including free shipping