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China eBay Import Groups

Get info about china eBay import groups. For eBay and E-commerce Sellers worldwide who wish to ship from China via low cost sea freight but do not have enough goods to fill a container themselves.

Each group is a zero profit group where items are consolidated together into one shipping container. All fees are split between all importers based on the volume of goods they have in each container.

An example shipping fee is appox $150 per cubic metre from China to Sydney including all shipping and local fees.  Taxes and duty may also be payable.

If your closest sea port is not listed below please email


Sydney eBay Importers Group Logo 100x50Sydney eBay Import Group Click Here >>

Brisbane eBay Importers Group Logo 100x50Brisbane eBay Importers Group Click Here >>

Melbourne eBay Importers Group Logo 100X50Melbourne eBay Importers Group Click Here >>


Dallas Fort Worth eBay Importers Group Logo 100x50Dallas Fort Worth eBay Importers Group Click Here >>


Northern Ireland eBay Importers Group Logo 100x50Northern Ireland eBay Importers Group Click Here >>

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