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Australian Dropship Business For Sale

Looking for expressions of interest for dropshipping business Australia.

Dropshipping Business Australia.

This business has been built part-time over the last 12 months. We have been adding one product per day five days a week which takes approximately 30 minutes.

The business can be grown very quickly simply by adding more products using the proven methodologies.

The advantages of a dropship business is it does not require working capital as you get paid before you buy the merchandise.

Staffing costs are very low and all offshore. The business uses 2 part-time staff who cost around $50 per week for both.

Profits below are per month after shipping, eBay and PayPal fees.
Feb 2016 – $2,024.11
Jan 2016 – $2,654.68
Dec 2015 – $2,873.73
Nov 2015 – $2,463.05
Oct 2015 – $1,739.22
Sep 2015 – $1,482.50
Aug 2015 – $3,579.74
July 2015 – $1,947.45
Jun 2015 – $2,069.96
May 2015 – $2,078.89
Apr 2015 – $141.17

The business has huge potential with an unlimited amount of products which can be added.

The business has been built using a proven model but has had little time put into it.

No cash flow required for this business as you are paid by the customers before you ship the goods.

No packing required as suppliers pick, pack and ship the goods for you.

Can be run from anywhere in the world which has an Internet connection.

Includes all custom written eBay listing templates, logos, graphics, photos etc.

Also included is custom written software / website which automatically adjusts the pricing in eBay to beat competitors pricing.

The software also continually checks supplier’s inventory every hour and if stock runs out, it automatically changes the inventory in eBay. This has been configured currently for 90% of the items which the business sells. The other 10% are done manually by the overseas staff.

I was going to market the software on a subscription basis @ $97 per month per user however I will include it with this sale. We have invested well over $20,000 and two years of time on developing this software.

The software has some permanent paying test users who pay a small fee every month, however the users do not get all of the above functionality.

This software has huge potential. It is a dropship business owners dream to have software like this.

Also included is full training by myself at your location plus 12 months support.

Offers over $50,000 + GST considered.

To protect the intellectual property for this business and to stop copycatting, the name of the business, exact details of its products and names of the suppliers will only be revealed to the buyer.

Products fall into the criteria of “Home and garden”.

This is a one-off sale and will not last long. eBay businesses with these numbers do not come up often and are highly sought after. The size of this business can easily be quadrupled ++


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards

Neil Waterhouse

eBay Multi Million Dollar Seller

Author – Best Seller “Million Dollar eBay Business from Home – A Step by Step guide”

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Neil Waterhouse

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