How to find what’s a hot seller on eBay

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There are several strategies to find the most popular items selling on eBay. There is the manual free strategy where you do the research yourself, to the fully automated, where you pay for the research… and both are fine. Some of the people I coach love doing product research where others would rather have a tooth pulled than do their own research.

The difference is in our personality types. Melancholy personality types very often love research (you know the types, they are the ones with their filing perfectly in order and the perfectly organised desk) and on the other end there is the Sanguine personality, who spend most of their free time on Facebook discussing the next party to go to and have last year’s filing scattered all over their office. And then there are the personalities in between. Each personality has its merits and it is great to know them so we can operate in the areas we enjoy.

Well the good news is you can do manual research if you want to, or use a tool like to speed up your research or let do all the work for you. (Disclaimer – I am the CEO of Waterhouse Research).

The end goal of product research is to not just find what are the most popular products on eBay, the number 1 goal is to find a product which is making good profits. Just because an item is selling 50 times per day, it does not mean it is making much profit.
When finding which products to sell on eBay, we need to find an item which meets 2 criteria:

1. High volume (popular) I like to see a minimum of 15 sales per month
2. High profit – At least 30% after all expenses including eBay fees, PayPal fees, shipping etc

When you find a product which is selling more than 15 times a month, and you can purchase it from a supplier at substantially less than what it is selling for, we call this an “eBay Arbitrage”.

At the end of these instructions I will show links to other websites you can use to find whats popular on eBay and how can we make money online

Ok let’s get started.

Below is the eBay home page, on the left, eBay sorts the categories by popularity. In the screenshot below, you can see Fashion was the most popular at the time I took this screenshot.


The categories on the left are the hottest categories. This is automatic.
Next mouse over a category i.e. Electronics as per the screen shot below.


As you mouse over each category, eBay then shows you the hottest subcategory.
Again eBay sorts the subcategory by popularity.
Next I clicked on GPS & Other Electronics and selected “Buy it now” only.


The top item is a 7” Car GPS
Next I clicked on this listing


From the screenshot above, you can see it has sold 2,479 times since it was listed.
To see how often it sells, copy the title i.e “7″ Car GPS Navigation HD Bluetooth Wireless Reverse Camera Freeupdate 12GB”
And paste the title into eBay’s search box as per the screenshot below and click on the search button.


Next click on the completed listings button down on the left hand side as per the screen shot below.


Now eBay shows you every time one has sold. If the price is green it has sold. If the price is red, it did not sell.
Here are some other websites you can use to find what’s hot on eBay. – I am the CEO of Waterhouse Research)

To your success
Neil Waterhouse

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7 Responses to How to find what’s a hot seller on eBay

  1. Tracie says:

    thanx for the detailed and easy to follow instructions … I always look forward to your emails knowing that even after 10 yrs hobby-selling on ebay i will find something that will help me sell better and/or more…Tracie

  2. Deidre Brooks says:

    This information is perfect for me right now as I am just starting up an ebay business after years as an occasional seller and can’t wait to check out these links.

    Thankyou so much

  3. Vikas says:

    Thanks Neil. Is there any way ebay tells you upcoming trend/product ??

  4. Sheryl says:

    Great info again Neil. I find something new to learn in each email you send out, thanks again.

  5. monica vandenberg says:

    Hi Neil thank you for the detail. When I go to my home page and select shop by category the menu bar show the categories in alpha order and all of them.
    Very different than what appears on your pic above. also I signed out to see if it made any difference.

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