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How much does it cost to sell a car on eBay?


How much cost to sell a car on ebay? eBay has different fees for different countries and I have documented the fees below for Canada, USA, UK and Australia.  The fees below are for selling one car on ebay. If you are a dealer or sell a lot of cars, eBay can offer you lower rates.

In regards to the fees eBay charges, many people find eBay fees expensive; however always take into account the size of the audience.  The price of any advertising is always based on 2 factors.

  1. The size of the audience
  2. The quality of the audience i.e. is what you are selling relevant to the audience.  No point advertising your tractor in a downtown New York newspaper.

People often compare the eBay fees to other advertising mediums like newspapers and smaller websites however to be fair we must compare apples to apples.  How many eyes see your advertisement in each medium?  eBay has 100,000,0000 active eBay users… albeit all over the world.

Please find below eBay fees sell a car on eBay USA, Canada, UK, & Australia.


Insertion Fee: Zero
Sell price below $2,000 – Final Value Fee $60
Sell price above $2000 – Final Value Fee $125


Insertion Fee: Zero
Sell price below $2,000 – Final Value Fee $60
Sell price above $2000 – Final Value Fee $125


Insertion Fee: £10
Sell price below £2,000 – Final Value Fee £20
Sell price £2000 – £3,499 – Final Value Fee 1%
Sell price above £3,500  – Final Value Fee £35


Insertion Fee: $19
Final Value Fee $60

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3 thoughts on “How much does it cost to sell a car on eBay?”

  1. Help pls

    so just to be clear, I just placed an advert on ebay for a car here in australia as listed below.

    So this if sold only attracts a fee in Australia of

    Insertion Fee: $19
    Final Value Fee $60$

    can they charge a percentage of the sale price or thats it, Im just a bit confused.
    I am a first time lister of a car on ebay and don’t want to get it wrong but I could not get a response from ebay on my questions after numerous attempts, very frustrating as I could have had so much clarity if i had of been able to at least talk to someone at ebay or they had of answered my msgs. . Could someone review my advert and see why I had so much trouble listing, I still am concerned i have it wrong. I think it listed in the right area for cars but still so confused…

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