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Ebay mobile phone app

neil waterhouse

Using eBay’s iPhone app to quickly and easily list/sell an item

eBay mobile phone app to quickly and easily list/sell an item. There’s this little thing called an eBay app . . . and it’s free! It is such a no brainer to use, it is a gob-smackingly simple . . . 

eBay mobile phone app

Well, this is inspired by my wife really . . . I have to be honest ; I was a complete newbie to uploading an ad onto eBay using my iPhone . . . Using the eBay app is something I did regularly, to monitor sales, respond to best offers, etc . . . however, I didn’t use it to list items. It was my wife who got me hooked. I was watching her zoom around the house taking photos of everything we wanted to ditch before we moved house. My wife Nicole listed everything from her old pregnancy yoga DVD’s (no longer needed, thank God . . . ) to excess office chairs, computers and shelving from selling one of our eBay businesses. We listed items as larger and cumbersome as a 7-seater couch in literally minutes! Well . . . she did. 

If you are one of those people who are daunted at the thought of sitting at your computer and hammering out the ad copy for your eBay listing, and uploading all the photos, well be daunted no longer.  I myself used to procrastinate big time when it came to listing an ad and doing the photos for something that I wanted to sell as a one off item on eBay.Read More »Using eBay’s iPhone app to quickly and easily list/sell an item

Neil Waterhouse

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