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23 Years Selling On eBay – #1 Secret To Success for eBay Beginners


Do you want to know the ebay secrets? Number 1 Secret To Success for eBay Beginners

Transcribe of “Number 1 Secret To Success for eBay Beginners”

– Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse. This week’s video blog is about the number one secret I’ve learned from selling on eBay for over 23 years. I call this secret the five-minute rule, and this is one of the most powerful business and life-changing rules that I know. The five-minute rule, it’s not just helped me sell millions of dollars of products on eBay, it’s also helped my students sell over $1 billion of their own products. The five-minute rule also helps with almost every aspect of life, from health to relationships to hobbies as I’ll share with you.

If you’re new this channel, my name is Neil Waterhouse and I’ve been selling on eBay for 23 years, and I’m also the author of Million Dollar Ebay Business From Home. If you want to get started, make sure you hit the subscribe button to the no-fluff, ad-free channel that puts out weekly videos teaching step-by-step how anyone can build a seven-digit online business from their home, from their favorite chair, and using less than $100. So let’s launch straight into the five-minute rule.

Imagine if you just purchased this Lego set, and your new goal in life is to get this Lego set assembled as fast as possible, but for many people, some problems quickly come up. Problem one. They’ve never built a Lego set like this before. Problem two. How do you carve out the time in your busy life to build this Lego set? You might have a full-time job, kids to take the school and look after, netball practice, football practice, et cetera, et cetera. Problem three.

They tried to do things in the past like build a Lego set, but they’d never got it finished. This is exactly the same problems that many people go through when they start selling on eBay, and the solution is exactly the same, the five-minute rule as I’ll show you. With the Lego set, imagine if you opened a Lego instruction manual at page one. Then every day you spend just five minutes working on just the next step in the step-by-step instruction manual.

You start at page one and you don’t move to page two until step one is ticked off. If you spend just five minutes each day doing the next step of the instruction manual, it’s almost impossible not to 100% complete that Lego set. Think about it. If you do just five minutes every day, following the step-by-step instruction manual, one baby step at a time, it’s almost impossible not to 100% complete that Lego set. Whether you block out a large chunk of time to complete the Lego set in one sitting or you use the five-minute rule, you ultimately end up with exactly the same result, a completed Lego set. Building a full-time, automated eBay business is exactly the same.

It’s all about baby steps, ticking off one baby step at a time, and then automating the business so it runs all by itself. In a previous week’s video, I’d spoken about how powerful it is to follow a proven, step-by-step methodology when learning as a beginner to sell on eBay. I was not saying you have to follow my methodology for selling on eBay. Whether you’re following my methodology or anybody else’s, it just needs to be a proven formula with case-studies from others who followed the step-by-step formula and got the success that you want. The case studies prove that other people have followed the step-by-step instructions and got the result that you’re after. In other words, the formula works not just for the creator of the formula, but it also works for others.

Every day in my diary, I’ve a pop-up that reminds me to add the words five-minute rule to any large task in my diary as it’s easy to allocate just five minutes per day to a task, whereas chunking out a large part of your day can be all too easy just to put off. Excuse the wind today, sorry guys. I tried to hide behind, you can’t see it but there’s a shipping container behind me, I’m trying to hide behind that to block the wind, but anyway, where was I up to? Almost anybody can find just five minutes in their day to move forward with a project that has a step-by-step instruction manual. Some other examples of how I use the five-minute rule in other parts of my life is, as anybody has been following me for a while would know, in my spare time, my hobby is building and flying radio-controlled planes.

Every day when I’m home, I spend a minimum of five minutes per day in the shed, working on my planes. I kind of have around 30 planes from jets to biplanes, and that’s after selling many to make more space for new projects. Sure, my wife will, she’ll be the first one to tell you that the five minutes in the shed very often get extended. However, that’s all part of it. If you do more than five minutes, awesome, your goal, whatever it is will be achieved faster. But if you do just five minutes, you can go to bed each night, knowing you’ve won as you know you’ve moved forward with your goal, and that set up your life to win each day is so important.

The five-minute rule allows you to continuously move forward each day towards your goal, and that’s what it’s all about. If you want more detail about selling on eBay, I have a free, online step-by-step workshop, and I’ll put a link on the screen and below. if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. And if you found any value in this video, please give it a thumbs-up, and make sure you hit the subscribe button to the no-fluff channel that teaches how anyone can make a full-time living from their home using less than $100. Until next week, stay safe guys, list more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse.

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