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  1. Dennis Ryan says:

    Thanks for the information however I have spent sometime trying to find the section in the eBay preferences to make the change to no avail.

    Is it possible to give us a clue as to where we can find it.

    Cheers D

  2. Kylie says:

    Thanks Neil. I really appreciate your youtube videos. What heading under site preferences should I be looking at to allow vuyers email address to appear?

  3. cameron scott says:

    the sale shows up on ebay too with the buyers email inside the buyers details box ?

  4. Faye says:

    It doesnt show the customers email on my ebay email anymore. It used to show the email next to the username but only says ‘contact buyer’ with a link to ebay messages –
    Such as this –
    Item #: 123108813447
    Date sold: 12/06/2018
    Quantity sold: 2
    Buyer:  username123 (112) 100%  Contact buyer Views: 44 Watchers: 1

  5. Tracie says:

    thanx for the headsup Neil, I am one of the sellers who keeps my customers email addresses and did notice they had disappeared from the paypal notification so your vid was v. helpful as always, cheers, Tracie

  6. Hi Neil, We use seller Hub and we don’t receive the details on our sales E Mails, I’ve lookes through the preferences and can’t find anything, could you let me know where I could find it.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to look at the Ebay Sold email, scroll down and to the buyers ID and it will show the email address.

  7. Lesley Mitchell says:

    Can you please advise exactly where to look under site preferences?

  8. mf says:

    Need a little more to go on than just “Site Preferences”.

  9. Stan Portigal says:

    Access to buyer emails was a 2-fold problem, both related to seller abuse:
    1. eBay circumvention; and

    2. Spam including eBay circumvention spam, “opt-out” email, and forced “newsletters”.

    As a buyer, I didn’t care about eBay circumvention, because I would just ignore it. The spam was another issue and I had to change my email address several times (Spamgourmet addresses) because of it. I realise there are constraints in going through the eBay communication system, and this also makes it difficult to sell data over eBay (e.g., legitimate sales of software “keys” or ebooks), and probably a few other things, but it was necessitated by the abuse.

  10. David Seaborn says:

    Hi Neil, im a buyer who needs to contact a seller directly. however when i looked at the site preferences they were ‘greyed out” on the PayPal site it usually displays the sellers email address once i send money. buts seems that has also gone. I think that once you have bought from someone you should be able to contact them directly. Its my account and my business .Why do ebay have the right to choose what info you give. its crazy .

    I have noticed though if the seller has a bussiness account their info still shows on PayPal.
    If you can help, it would be appreciated .
    cheers Dave.

  11. turtle says:

    For sellers that need the email address of the buyer- the simple workaround is to go the payment in PainPal and click on the “refund this payment” . Voila – their email shows at the top under “contact info” .

  12. igor says:

    HI…found a fix
    Just go to the email that paypal send you confirmation of sold product and tap “reply” button
    the buyer email will be shown like you send email direct to the person that bought a product from you
    HA HA HA
    These one also will not work forever, I don’t know how we will makes contacts after
    I’m selling digital documents, without emails i could close my ebay login

    • Beth says:

      Hi Igor. Could you please, for the sake of our businesses, please delete this comment so they don’t fix this workaround. Thanks.

  13. Philip Reid says:

    In the U.K., as at 12th March 2020:
    – the eBay message does not show buyer email address, only eBay username
    – the PayPal ‘refund’ trick no longer works
    – Igor’s suggestion DOES work (for now anyway)

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