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How To Find Buyers Email Address On eBay


How To Find Buyers Email Address On eBay

Transcribe of “How To Find Buyers Email Address On eBay”

So in this video, I want to show you how to find buyers’ email addresses on eBay. In fact, I’m going to show you two different ways. The first method is to go to eBay, then click Selling/Sold. Next, click on the Orders tab, and select All orders. Now you’ll be able to see all the orders that you’ve received in the last 90 days. Now, to see the eBay buyer’s email address, all you do is click on the little blue arrow next to each order, and select View record.

Click on the little blue arrow next to each order, and select View record

Now you’ll be able to see the buyer’s email address. Now the next way you can also find an eBay buyer’s email address, is in PayPal. To do this, log in to your PayPal account. Then click on My PayPal. Then find the transaction. And then click on the person’s name. Then scroll down to where it says, Issue a refund. And click on it. Now you’ll be able to see the buyer’s email address. Now, don’t get worried about clicking the Issue a Refund button, this does not issue a refund. There is a second button you need to click, to issue the refund. That’s all for this week, until next week, list more, sell more, this is Neil Waterhouse.

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17 thoughts on “How To Find Buyers Email Address On eBay”

  1. Hi Neil

    Having got the address, what can you do with it as Ebay does not allow you email “their customers”, or include them in our mailshots.

    Best Regards

    1. …. my take on that is once the transaction is completed, they are now MY customer – eBay simply provided the means to connect and received a fee for doing so. I often have customers contacting me directly! Their email details are also in the Paypal records. Your input would be great Neil.

      1. Hi John, this is one of those grey areas with views on both sides. A lot of large eBay sellers also share the same belief that eBay is the advertising platform they use to find customers.

  2. Hi Neil!
    … nothing seems to have changed in our My eBay ($60 shop). Ours also says ‘View Sales Order’. Does it depend on what level os Shop you are using or is this a change that eBay are rolling out?

  3. Hi Neil,
    I thought using buyer’s email addresses to communicate/send marketing was a bannable offence? I have thousands of previous customers email addresses but don’t dare market to them. Could you shed light on whether I’m mistaken or not? How do you use the email addresses of your eBay customers? Cheers.

  4. I think ebay has changed the Ebay summary as email addresses are no longer shown. Neither can the email address be shown in PayPal. I wanted the email address to give to the parcel company for tracking purposes.

    1. Hi Philip,

      Here are the instructions to see an eBay buyer’s email address.

      1. Go to seller hub https://www.ebay.com.au/sh/ovw

      2. Click on see all orders

      3. Click the arrow, (Please see this screenshot) https://www.screencast.com/t/UbJ6QB7qjcr

      4 then click view record.

      Note that eBay will only show the email addresses for 14 days.’

      The other way to find buyer email addresses is to go to PayPal, find the transaction, then click on refund.

      Another way is,
      Paypal has an agreement with eBay to not show the buyer email address for eBay orders.

      However, there is another way. For every sale that you make on eBay, it sends an email to your registered email address. Its usually with the subject ‘Your eBay item sold’ 
      Luckily this email also contains the buyer’s Postal and email address. So if these emails haven’t been deleted, it’s possible to get the buyer email address from there!

      PayPal shows the email address in the email which you receive when a customer pays.

  5. None of the methods mentioned work for me. Here are two ways I have found to get buyer’s email address for tracking;
    1. On see all orders page click on order number link,
    2. If paid by PayPal click “reply” on the payment notification mail and buyer email will be in the reply address box.

  6. These suggestions no longer work to get the email of the buyer.
    They’re always making it harder.
    But there’s another way.
    First go to the “All Sales” page.
    Then on the pulldown menu next to an item, click on the “Print Shipping Labels or Invoices” link.
    From there click on “Edit invoice and address label template”.
    On that page click on “Add buyer email address to invoice”
    Then at the bottom of the page click the “Preview” button.
    You will see the email on the preview of the invoice.

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