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How does eBay’s Cassini search engine work?


The task for eBay’s search engine (Cassini), is to show the most “relevant” eBay listings. By understanding how the search engine works, eBay sellers can adjust their listings to improve their rankings compared to the competition.

The good news for eBay sellers is over 98% of eBay sellers surveyed do not understand how eBay’s search engine works. By learning yourself, you can propel your listings up eBay’s search results

This video shows how the eBay search engine works and why.

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How Does eBay’s Cassini Search Engine Work? – 2023

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13 thoughts on “How does eBay’s Cassini search engine work?”

  1. thankyou thankyou THANKYOU Neil, i really think this has been your most invaluable ‘lesson’ yet. Ive read your books, I read, listen and watch everything from you that appears in my inbox and Ebay’s Cassini search engine has always been a complete mystery. Now i KNOW what to do, I can put all the pieces in place to improve sales . I’m not sure WHY you share all this info but i really appreciate it. I haven’t been able to attend one of your info nights for just ages..since the one in Manly actually.. two little kids and living on the central coast makes it a bit difficult so again thanks for all the online help . much appreciated . Tracie 🙂

    1. Hi Tracie, Wow! Thanks for all your awesome comments, and this is exactly why I do it…. It is feedback like yours that really makes it all worthwhile. Knowing that I can help some others in the community is a great feeling, especially those like yourself who may not be able to come to the eBay meetups or seminars. Thanks again Tracie!

  2. brilliant mate. i was just writing out all my notes from the seminar & this one video made a lot of the notes come to life and make sense. awesome

  3. Hi Neil I have been trying to make sense of tags and why we need them and you answered my questions thanks for the help Regards Sheryl

  4. Hi Neil
    Your videos actually give me so much understanding in regards to my Ebay/Amazon/own website businesses going forward. Many thanks!

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