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Home » eBay Dropshipping – The #1 BIGGEST Secret To Not Getting BANNED

eBay Dropshipping – The #1 BIGGEST Secret To Not Getting BANNED


    eBay Dropshipping – The #1 BIGGEST Secret To Not Getting BANNED!

    eBay Dropshipping – The #1 BIGGEST Secret To Not Getting BANNED!

    This week’s quick video is about the number one⁣ reason that eBay dropship sellers get banned, especially beginners. And I’ll show you exactly what to do. So this never happens to you. For anybody new to this channel,⁣my name’s Neil Waterhouse. I’ve been selling online ⁣full-time for 24 years. I’m the author of Million ⁣dollar eBay Businesses from home and creator ⁣of Drop Ship Formula. So let’s launch straight into it. Why does some eBay drop⁣ship sellers get banned or suspended, especially beginners whereas other full-time⁣ drop ship sellers are crushing it year after year? How does eBay even know? An eBay seller is a drop ship seller.

    After all, eBay doesn’t⁣ know where any eBay seller like you and me is⁣ purchasing their products from a seller could be⁣importing their stock they could be buying local they could be using a third-party logistics company or a three PL company to⁣ship their products for them or they could be dropshipping in using local or overseas suppliers. So how does eBay know one ⁣particular eBay seller is a drop ship seller? And how does that seller ⁣appear on eBay’s radar? That’s exactly what this week’s⁣ quick video is all about.

    And when you know the ⁣secret, you can make sure that you are one of those ⁣drop-ship sellers crushing it and not making the same mistake at so many beginner⁣ drop-ship sellers make. First, let me show you ⁣the number one reason beginner drop ship sellers⁣ appear on eBay’s radar and this is what is known ⁣in the industry as INRs which is an acronym for item not received or⁣item not received cases. Every eBay account on the ⁣planet has an INR rating or item not received rating like this one.

    BIGGEST Secret To Not Getting BANNED

    And I’ll put a link at the end of this video to a link⁣where you can see now what your eBay account, IR rating is. And also notice at the bottom of this page where you⁣can also download data so you can see exactly where⁣your IR cases came from.

    BIGGEST Secret To Not Getting BANNED

    If you have any INR cases eBay knows what the average ⁣item not received rating is for every seller in every⁣ country in every category. The number one reason a⁣drop ship seller appears on eBay’s radar, especially ⁣beginner drop ship sellers is that INR ratio is higher than the average of other eBay sellers. In other words, these drop⁣ship sellers are selling items but they’re not shipping ⁣them to their buyers.

    This is normally always caused by eBay dropship sellers⁣ selling items that are not in stock with their suppliers. So when the items sell,⁣they cannot supply them. This is caused by drop⁣ship sellers listing items and not having any⁣ methodology in place to automatically check if their⁣ supply has the items in stock. So what happens is these ⁣drop ship sellers sell an item and they log onto ⁣their supplies website only to discover the ⁣supplies ran out of stock.

    BIGGEST Secret To Not Getting BANNED

    BIGGEST Secret To Not Getting BANNED

    Then the seller makes the next mistake of canceling the order. And bingo, that seller’s⁣IR ratio has just increased As I’ve been saying year after year. It’s critical if you drop shipping⁣ on eBay, Amazon, Shopify and every other marketplace,⁣to have some methodology in place to continually ⁣check your supplies inventory so the supplier runs⁣out of stock of any item. Your listings on eBay,⁣Amazon, Shopify, et cetera need to show zero available. Suppliers can’t purchase those items.

    You can do the supply⁣ inventory checking manually at the beginning, and ⁣then when you’re ready you can fully automate this ⁣process using a program like Scarcity Manager that automatically checks your supplies inventory 24 7 365. And if your supplier runs⁣out of stock of any item scarcity manager automatically ⁣makes your listing show zero available on⁣eBay, Amazon, Shopify so nobody can buy them.

    If you also want to know⁣ how to cancel an order without receiving a transaction defect make sure you watch this video up here and I’ll also put a link ⁣at the end of the video. If you have any questions please leave them in the⁣ comment section below. Until next week, stay safe. Listen more, Selma,⁣this is your Waterhouse.

    BIGGEST Secret To Not Getting BANNED


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