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How to Sell on eBay For FREE


    How to Sell on eBay For FREE

    How to Sell on eBay For FREE

    Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse⁣ and this week’s quick video. I’ll explain how to sell an eBay for free if anybody is near this channel. My name’s Neil Waterhouse and I’ve been selling online⁣ full-time for 24 years. I’m also a million-dollar eBay business from home and creator of Drop Ship Formula so let’s launch straight into it. As a rule of thumb, it’s free to list most items ⁣on eBay in most categories. We need to know how to sell an eBay for free. However, although it’s free to⁣list most items, body default eBay charges a final value fee.

    final value fee

    eBay charges

    That’s a final value fee on the amount that the item⁣ sells for when items sell unless eBay is offering a⁣promotional offer for free. Final value fees, like⁣ what I’m going to show you in this video when there’s no promotion eBay’s final value fee⁣ varies between categories and also whether or not you’re subscribing to an eBay store and what level of store. I’m not going to go into ⁣eBay stores in this video as I’ve done that before⁣ in a previous week’s video. However, if you want to know⁣ more about opening eBay store and how to save money ⁣on fees, I’ll put a link at the end of this video to ⁣that previous week’s video. So the only way to not ⁣pay final value fees is by taking advantage of eBay promotional offers like this one.

    How to Sell on eBay For FREE

    To get these offers the first thing you⁣ need to do is make sure that your communication ⁣preferences are enabled on eBay to receive these⁣ promotional offers. To do that first, go to the eBay homepage by clicking on the eBay ⁣logo from any page in eBay. Then click on the arrow next to your name on the top left-hand corner⁣of the eBay homepage.

    How to Sell on eBay For FREE

    Then click on account settings and then communication settings.  Now scroll to the bottom of the page to Marketing⁣ Communications and click on edit. Now make sure you have the ⁣bottom three checkboxes enabled. Then once you’ve enabled ⁣the bottom three checkboxes make sure you click the ⁣blue save button as just checking the three boxes ⁣doesn’t automatically update your preferences. You must click the blue save button. The next step is the check if eBay has given your⁣ account any promotional offers including free final value fees. To do that from the eBay⁣ homepage, click on my eBay and then my eBay summary.

    How to Sell on eBay For FREE

    From this summary page, you’ll see the eBay promotional offers that eBay has sent your account and also the expiry dates ⁣for the promotional offers.

    ebay summary page

    Make sure you bookmark ⁣this page and regularly check your page to see⁣ your promotional offers. If you have any questions at all please leave them in the⁣ comment section below. If you also want to know how ⁣to find eBay best selling products, make sure you⁣ check out this video up here and I’ll also put a link at the⁣end of this video and below. Until next week, stay safe. This more Selma, this is near Waterhouse.



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