How to leverage eBay to make thousands of dollars more…

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If you walk into any internet marketing conference or read any book about internet marketing, the words "there is big money is in your database" are drummed into us, and for good reason. In the early days I never quite got it, and then one day I came home after attending yet another internet seminar and decided I would bite the bullet and give it a try. (more…) Continue Reading

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How to spend 5 minutes to get Tons more Buyers

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The importance of doing a good title for your eBay listing is a deal breaker in whether or not you will have as wide an audience as possible, and therefore stand the best chance of making the most money.  In the past eBay only allowed 55 characters in which to do your title, which I always found a challenge.  Luckily they altered this and you are now allowed a maximum of 80 characters for your title.  Those extra 25 characters are a real godsend and really make it so much easier to create the best title which is super rich in keywords. Continue Reading

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Using eBay’s iPhone app to quickly and easily list/sell an item . . .

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There's this little thing called an eBay app . . . and it's free! It is such a no brainer to use, it is a gob-smackingly simple . . .  Well, this is inspired by my wife really . . . I have to be honest ; I was a complete newbie to uploading an ad onto eBay using my iPhone . . . Using the eBay app is something I did regularly, to monitor sales, respond to best offers, etc . . . however, I didn't use it to list items. It was my wife who got me hooked. I was watching... Continue Reading

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