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Neil Waterhouse

Bio: Husband Father Full time online seller since 1998 Author Best Seller “Million Dollar ebay Business From Home” Multi Million Dollar seller Amazon invited guest speaker eBay invited guest speaker Alibaba invited guest speaker 1st eBay multi million dollar seller for Australia Post Eparcel 1st multi million dollar seller for Channel Advisor Australia Founder, speaker 4 largest eBay & Amazon Meetup Groups in Australia with over 6,000 members Creator of DropShip Formula™ Professional eBay Sellers Alliance invited guest speaker Retail Global invited guest speaker Channel 9 Invited Guest Speaker Radio Control jet fanatic!

Is html code bad for your eBay listings?

Is html code bad for your eBay listings? This question has come up a fair bit lately with the release of eBay’s new search engine and it is a very good question.  The short answer is “yes”, HTML at first glance is bad compared to plain text listings however here are some tips to make your HTML listing outperform non HTML eBay listings.

Is html code bad for ebay listing

Here is the problem.  eBay’s new search engine “Cassini” looks at not just the title like eBay’s old “Voyager” search engine, but now looks at the title, item specifics, short description (where your HTML is) and the long description (all of your HTML).

Cassini works like Google, it measures the ratio of how many times the keywords in your title are used in the rest of the listing compared to the length of your listing. (Keyword / Length Ratio) also called keyword density.

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neil waterhouse

Ecommerce hits 1.3 Trillion Dollars and Growing

Ecommerce hits another all time record at 1.3 Trillion Dollars in sales worldwide and it continues to grow month by month. Last week I was on a radio interview on WIP-FM and the host asked me if I see ecommerce slowing down? I have been asked this a fair amount so I thought I might write this quick blog post as to why I feel ecommerce is only going to continue to grow, and to grow even faster.

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neil waterhouse

High profit margins are the ‘secret sauce’

High profit margins of course put more cash in our back pocket, however profit is only the start. These days I do a fair bit of helping other eBay sellers to optimize their listings so I see a lot of different eBay businesses.  Through this insight, several patterns quickly became apparent.

High profit margins

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